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Wedding design from sketch to implementation

 Wedding design is a very specific process, find out how to take its course.

Let’s talk about wedding design one of the most beloved topics for brides and me too.

Wedding design is one of the most exciting things about the whole organizational phase of the whole project.

The design follows rules that must be followed to be sure of an optimal result.

Let us now see what steps are good to follow for a perfect design project.

Wedding design the project phases.

Dividing the design project into stages will help you keep everything under control and not forget anything.

Above all, it will help you have an overview of everything and a chance to focus on the detail.

Gathering inspiration.

Everything starts with inspiration!

Actually everything starts with you, your personal taste and the result you want to achieve in terms of design at your wedding.

Therefore, the first thing to do will be to collect inspirations in an orderly way.

These can be pictures, your notes, pieces of fabric, and even photos of a passerby’s shoes on the street….

Anything that helps you develop your wedding design idea is permissible and will do.

Once this gathering phase has passed, it’s time to put things in order.

Organizing ideas

The creative phase is always very convulsive so draw your notes you will find different things from each other.

Don’t panic…

Not necessarily everything you jotted down will fit your project, so at this stage: remove the superfluous.

Find a line in the mood you want to follow and all the rest: go away.

Always remember the motto: “less is more”, it will come in very handy.

 Find a wedding designer

Although I know very well that brides are really super organized and super resourceful, my advice is to rely on a professional.

You need support to help you get everything in order and set the mood, and most of all you need someone who on the wedding day can exactly rebuild what you have planned and dreamed of to perfection.

I’ll let you in on a secret (which isn’t so much of a secret because you just have to use logic to figure it out)…

It’s not enough to hire the best florist you can find to carry out your design; it’s not enough to rely on the events director provided by the wedding venue; it’s not enough to give general guidelines.

In order to have an outstanding result, like the one you deserve, you need to get someone who has the same general vision of the whole mood of the event as you do.

If you find your perfect wedding designer or wedding planner, you will have to transfer your desires and expectations to one person.

I would only have one contact person for everything, and the work will proceed without misunderstandings and mistakes.

Wedding design: the sketch phase.

The sketch is the part I love most of all!

The sketch of the wedding setup is an important achievement.

It is the first vision you will have of your wedding, it will be the result of everything you and your wedding designer have said to each other.

It will be the summary of the chats, the sharing of files, the nights spent thinking, the changes and second thoughts….

In short, seeing the first sketch is a thrill.

The excitement is both yours and mine so I will take you the project so it is double!

 Finding materials

Let’s start getting our hands dirty from here on out!!!

After the design phase, the implementation phase begins.

Thus begins the search for the best materials and the best professionals to carry out the project.

Your designer will find a way to get the best things for your project at the best possible cost especially the flowers.

If he is a good designer he will have advised you to use flowers that are in season and readily available in the area where you are getting married.

If no one has given you this advice yet, I will give it to you:

Always choose in-season produce for anything.

This will allow you to have a very large quantity and a much lower price.

When we talk about finding the right materials, I don’t just mean flowers, fabrics, and vases.

A design project includes many other things such as:

  • furniture
  • structures to assemble
  • stationery
  • and everything else you need to make your wedding magic….

Project realization

Now that we have the warehouses ready, with everything we need to make your dream come true…we need to start building it.

We arrange transports of everything to the wedding venue, manage the timeline so that all professionals can have the right time to do their work.

There are always different procedures to follow, because the bride and groom’s plans are different.

But usually the last thing that is prepared is the floral arrangements.

If you have a designer doing the planning, they might have a flower designer do everything….

I try to do everything in my workshops.

Wedding Design: At Dream On we do it this way.

Everyone has their own organization and their own way of making wedding arrangements.

I can tell you how we at Dream On do it.

At this point, I have to say one thing: I write this blog as if it were my diary, my story of a wedding planner’s life to brides.

The truth is that the most extraordinary thing I have accomplished is to build an extraordinary team of which I am very proud.

This gives me the opportunity to follow the whole wedding project in my workshops and with my specialized team.

This gives a lot of peace of mind to me and my brides and grooms because there is no margin for error in communication and style implementation.

In Dream on workshops when we have a wedding it feels like we are in Santa Claus land!

So many people working divided by skills to materially realize every single detail.

Even the flower designers are part of the team!

This allows us to follow every single project from the bride’s story to the realization, without leakage of information or important details.

This way of working I won’t deny that it makes us work harder, because it would be easier to subcontract services to outsiders, but we like it that way.

I am in fact a control freak and couldn’t stand too many hands working on my wedding couple’s project.

That’s why I like to think that those who rely on us, rely not only on me, but on a team of extraordinary people who will work together to make the project homogeneous and unique.

If the concept was not clear a this article, the design part is what I am most excited about! But I need to get back to rational and give you some useful tips.

 Wedding design: Tips from the pro.

We have already talked about the fact that I recommend that you choose seasonal products for your wedding such as flowers and food.

In choosing the professional you choose to follow and carry out the wedding design project, make sure that his or her style is naturally already very close to yours.

Once you have found your mood, the first thing to do is to choose the wedding venue.

This choice will be trinante to the construction of the whole design project because it is at the wedding venue that you decide what you need.

If you are thinking of getting married in Italy, I give you a little piece of my work!!!

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You will be able to find ideas and inspiration for your own design project!

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