Wedding dress trend 2023

Wedding Dress trend 2023: how many can you have?

Wedding dress trend 2023: the dress becomes multiplied, different times for different dresses.

Wedding dress trend 2023, may not only be related to dress patterns but also to quantity.

The wedding dress, is the icon of marriage; this is an absolute truth and has no frontiers of nations, cultures, religions or social conventions.

The wedding is the bride’s dress!

I know you are nodding your head, because if you are reading this article, you are almost certainly searching from your perfect dress.

You’re probably browsing the web for all the pictures and reading as much information as possible to help you make the right choice.

Well..let me tell you, you are not alone.

Wedding Dress is one of the most clicked searches on google, as proven by so many researches and studies.

Wedding dress Trend 2023

Every year the fashion shows, the web, and social media flood us with images and articles about the trends of the year for brides’ dresses.

However, I don’t want to talk to you today about patterns, 3d applications or color palettes that would certainly look wonderful on you.

I want to bring your attention to a phenomenon that is slowly becoming a real trend.

The dress change!

The wedding dress becomes plural

The change of wedding dress, is becoming an option, which more and more brides are choosing.

Usually one is chosen for the ceremony and reception and one for the wedding party.

I know you are thinking, how much this can affect your budget, and actually buying 2 dresses is an expense….

Solutions for buying the second wedding dress.

Giving up the dream: NEVER, if it’s two wedding dresses you want, two wedding dresses you will get!!!

Just sharpen your wits and think in an alternative way.

You could find alternative solutions, such as:

  • buy the second dress, in a gown atelier instead of a wedding dress atelier;
  • you can buy the dress of your dreams for the ceremony and take the second dress on rent;
  • if it’s in your wheelhouse you could consider vintage dresses (which always have their charm), there are plenty of sites where you can find them;
  • you could also consider making a wedding dress from your family.

 Wedding dress trend 2023: how to organize the dress change

If this idea of changing your dress appeals to you, then you also need to plan how and when to do it during the reception.

Usually, as I told you a few lines above, the dress change for the final part of the wedding reception, that is, for the wedding party.

Here you have 2 options:

  • do it before the cutting of the cake;
  • do it after the cake cutting.

My advice is: it depends!!! (ehh I know it’s not the answer you were expecting, but what can you do I’m never for one-size-fits-all advice)

It depends is an answer I like so much! Not because I don’t know what to say or because I don’t have my own opinion…but because “it depends” means that there are different solutions for each bride.

The choice may depend on the type of dress you choose to wear for the party and whether it is suitable for the cake cutting!!!

If you choose two dresses with completely different styles then you can change directly for the party and to go wild with your friends.

If the second dress is important to you, then change before the cake cutting.
So even the photos of this very important moment you will have a dress that means something to you.

 The wedding dress and the wedding venue are related.

Although I believe that every bride should choose her dress with the rush of her heart, I still feel like telling you that the dress should still follow the mood of the wedding and the venue where you are getting married.

We talked about the opportunity of being able to choose a Made in Italy dress Here in our previous article.

On the other hand, to choose a suitable venue for your dress, the procedure is very simple:

download the catalog I created for brides who choose Italy as their wedding destination and who are particularly demanding!!!

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