Wedding favor idea

Wedding favors idea for your Wedding in Italy

The winning  wedding favors idea in Italy is to look for handmade and typical Italian products.

If you’re looking for the right idea for your wedding favours, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re talking about what the French call cadeau de mariage, or a small gift that the bride and groom give their guests to thank them for taking part in their wedding.

We know that in many cultures, especially Anglo-Saxon ones, favors for guests are usually something to eat.

How to find the right idea wedding favors

If you do a web search using the most popular keywords you will find a wealth of items to consider for your wedding favours.

My advice is to find something that will make a difference to your guests.

wedding favors idea and weddings in Italy

If you’re on this page, you’re probably planning a wedding abroad and maybe even in Italy.

As an expert on weddings for foreigners in Italy, I’ll give you a few tips to help you make a difference.

If you are getting married in Italy, first of all you have to think about what wedding memories your guests would like to take home.

Choosing between typical and original things from this country will certainly be the right and most appreciated choice, I can guarantee you that.

If you are getting married in a foreign country, the most appropriate thing to do is to blend the culture of your host country with your own traditions.

Wedding favors ideas for a perfect wedding in Italy

Start by thinking about what element of Italy you like best and what are the main things this country is famous for.

Certainly on your list you’ll find: food, wine, craftsmanship, art, etc.

Take one of those themes for example and once you know that your favours will celebrate wine or food or be handmade, start your research.

This way you won’t go crazy and waste time on fruitless research. You’ll keep your focus and be able to optimise your time and costs.

Food and wine

Food and wine favors are another original alternative go for:

  • jars of honey,
  • jams,
  • marmalades,
  • bottles of wine
  • extra virgin olive oil,
  • packets of balsamic vinegar,

all with personalized labels. You will have no problem finding suppliers who will help you find the right combination.

Handcrafted wedding favors: a real brand “Made in Italy

If you’re thinking of an object that will stand the test of time for your guests (and won’t be eaten or drunk at the first opportunity) the option I would recommend is handmade wedding favors.

“Made in Italy” is famous all over the world and I’m sure your guests will be really happy to have such an important object.


Among the things I would recommend (because I really like them) are handmade ceramics.

Mediterranean atmospheres with their unmistakable scents and colours often serve as inspiration for weddings.

Famous are the hand-painted ceramics from Vietri on the Amalfi coast, or those from Sicily.

Leather gifts

Ideas for handmade wedding favours include leather gifts that can be personalized with an engraving of your monogram, for example.

 Wedding favors idea: ask me how to do it

The ideas are truly endless and if I were to write down everything that goes through my mind, this little guide would become a book.

Over the years, I have created countless types of wedding favours for my brides and grooms, and each time we have designed them according to the style of the wedding and the venue.

We have designed them and personalised them in every detail.

I am sure you have realised from reading this blog that the design part is my favourite.

In fact, I’m always on the lookout for new things, for suppliers who can guarantee me the most original idea with the highest possible quality.

In fact, you will see me travelling around Italy to meet small artisans, craft shops, always looking for a new inspiration for my brides and grooms.

My aim is to make wedding design a true art form.

 A gift for you

I understand very well that organising a wedding abroad, although one of the most beautiful experiences a bride can have, brings with it some logistical difficulties and doubts.

If you need to clear your head, you can find me HERE to talk about your wedding and your ideas.

I’ll give you a gift right now!

You can download for free the catalogue I made for you with a very careful selection of the most beautiful and suitable wedding venues for those who are getting married far from home.

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