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Wedding guest Outfit: 5 tips for a perfect look

Wedding Guest Outfits everything you need to know not to make a mistake. 

Wedding guest outfits are a very hot and sensitive topic at the same time. 

That is why we decided to give you the 5 tips that will allow you not to make a mistake.

Make sure this article gets to your guests if you want to help them make the right choices so that everyone is comfortable.

Wedding guest Outfits: factors to consider.

Let’s start by saying that when choosing wedding guest outfits, there are specific coordinates to keep in mind.

  •  season in which the wedding takes place;
  • time of the ceremony;
  • type of ceremony (formal or informal);
  • the guidelines on the invitation.

If you will keep these points in mind, you will already have a clear idea in your mind about what to look for in the stores for wedding outfits. 

The Wedding guest Outfit directions in the wedding invitation.

In wedding invitations there are many indications about the type of outfit required, you need to read carefully and also observe the details of what is not written in words.

Let’s see how to do it.

In the wedding invitation you will certainly have:

  • Place of the ceremony
  • Time
  • date

Already these 3 data can be very helpful to you.

When particularly formal attire is required, the dress code is specified: 

Black tie or White tie

If the bride and groom have specific outfit-related requests and state them in the invitation, there will be no problem and you will go on your way.

But what is the unwritten information?

From the wedding invitation you can tell what the color palette is (usually the invitations give an idea of the dominant colors chosen for the event)

The mood: based on what the participation looks like you can more understand the mood of the wedding, so analyze it carefully. 

The tips for choosing perfect Wedding guest Outfit

Wedding dress stores, present their collections and the windows are filled with wonderful dresses.

Long, short, silk, sequined or minimal…everyone can find their perfect combination. 

But you certainly can’t try them all on, you can’t spend so many hours searching.

You have to go shopping with a definite plan and a studied search method.

The risk would be to get lost among the dresses and the advice of the sales clerks, waste time and end up choosing an unsuitable dress. 

If you give the sales clerks precise directions, they will be able to suggest the best one for you.

Here are the 5 tips we suggest to choose your perfect Wedding guest Outfit.

Wedding ceremony guest dress according to the season of the year.

The first factor that will greatly affect the choice of how to dress at a wedding is undoubtedly the season of the year in which it will be celebrated. 

In winter, floral or pastel patterns, which have always been the stars of spring and summer, are banned.

In summer, it would make no sense to sport a high-collared, long-sleeved wedding guest dress in dull colors.

Wedding time: daytime or evening?

Another cardinal point when choosing how to dress at a wedding concerns precisely the time at which it will be held. 

 This factor combined with the season of the year will allow you to discard several outfits and prefer others.

Daytime ceremony dresses for guests: daytime, in general, needs more restraint and an extra touch of color. 

In both winter and summer, black is the banned color, not because it is a wedding (black ranked as wedding trend 2022!), but because it is a color more suitable for evening weddings. 

Go for pastel colors in spring and summer and powder in the fall-winter season. 

Also remember to avoid glitter and sequins, outfits more suitable for evening.

Evening wedding dresses: in addition to applying all the rules in reverse to the daytime wedding, an evening event will be distinguished by elegance and sophistication. 

Black sheath dresses, fitted gowns with a train, a cascade of beads and eye-catching accessories are the must-haves for an invitee to a wedding after dark. 

The type of ceremony: formal or rustic?

Depending on the type of invitations you receive you can get an idea of the style of the ceremony. 

Will they celebrate at a farmhouse or a medieval castle? 

Is it a wedding by the sea or in the open countryside? 

Be careful not to underestimate these factors because they are crucial to the success of the outfit.

An evening and classic wedding needs a more austere look, a dress in taffeta, chiffon, silk, and perhaps solid colors. 

Dark colors are welcome and understated accessories a must. 

In contrast, a rustic wedding will require more informal attire: say goodbye to any jackets or dresses that are too tight.

 The choice of color.

Between prohibitions and concessions, the wedding guest’s dress-code is subject to more or less strict rules depending on the bride’s wishes. 

It often happens, in fact, that it is precisely the latter who gives precise directions on the color of the dresses, but if not, how should the guest behave in order not to appear out of place?

Starting with the prohibitions, there is now only one color that a guest should avoid: white! 

In fact, white can only be worn by the bride (assuming it is not a White Party, then the issue changes)

In order to avert any kind of mistake, if you do not have precise directions, know that pastel shades are always suitable.

What not to wear to a wedding

So far we’ve talked about what to choose for Wedding guest Outfits, but knowing what not to wear is just as important. 

Here are the no, absolutely no’s for a Wedding guest Outfit:

  • No looks that are too sexy;
  • leggings, jeans and wedges we leave them in the closet;
  • no total black (if you decide to wear black, calibrate with touches of color).

These I have showed you are the main coordinates for choosing a wedding guest outfit that will allow you not to make any style mistakes. 

One more little tip, I want to give you.

The wedding venue completely determines the style of the wedding. 

If you are a bride download our catalog for free and start planning the style of your wedding. 

If you are a wedding guest, suggest this catalog to the bride so she can choose her style and give you directions on the outfit.

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