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Wedding ideas: building the right mood for your wedding

Wedding ideas are useful for building your project.

Every bride in the world sits in front of her laptop looking for wedding ideas. 

Researching, annotating, comparing, and choosing, is a great way to gather information and make informed choices. 

Just like a good journalist, who when writing an article has to do his research and read what others have written on the same subject, a good organized bride starts by researching first. 

Find wedding ideas don’t go over information

Nowadays it’s not hard to find ideas and inspiration, access to the web and social media gives us an endless world of information that can be accessed with a click.

Be careful not to go into “over information”, if you smiled when you read this, we understand, but there is a risk. 

If you have too much input and wander aimlessly around the web, you could end up with too much information and at that point choosing a coherent way to plan your wedding could be really difficult. 

But we are not here to despair or scare you, this is a blog where you can find positivity and find solutions to problems!

To avoid having a block in the choices for your wedding you can follow a very precise method and if you are rigorous and manage not to get carried away, you will have no problems and organise a super nice wedding. 

The method for finding wedding ideas 

The easiest thing to do first is to keep your style in mind (are you thinking it’s superfluous? No, I’m not…read on...)

Keeping in mind who you are and how you are will help you not to deviate from your own style: “there is nothing more wrong than planning a wedding that is far from your own style”.

  • Make a list of the 5 things you absolutely want and describe how you want them.
  • Put them in order of priority for you, from most important to least important.
  • Do targeted searches on search engines (don’t search for the word “wedding” so generically; search instead for “planning a wedding in Italy”) – If you give the search engine precise coordinates, you will receive precise answers and proposals.
  • Being analytical and determined will save you a lot of time and avoid creative blocks and stress peaks.

Organize your wedding ideas in folders.

Your collection of photos, ideas and inspirations should be organized in folders by topic. 

For example, you could create folders such as:

  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding design
  • Ideas for guests
  • Place for the perfect wedding .

If you have folders for each topic, when you have to make the final choices you will certainly be very easy. 

Use software and apps to get you up and running.

In the months leading up to the wedding you need to be organized, you need to know that wedding ideas and inspiration are everywhere, not just on the web. 

The window of a shop with cute gadgets, a florist displaying a perfect arrangement for your style, the photo in the magazine you browse through on the metro. 

How do you capture all this information and not miss anything useful? 

Smartphone in hand and suitable apps will make you invincible.

Gloogle Drive

One popular system is Google Drive, you can take it with you at all times, and open it from any device just by using your google account. 

You have enough space and access to several integrated services. 


One app that we think is really cool and useful is Trello, you can organize your home into folders, to-do lists and put deadlines on tasks. 

So we use technology for the benefit of brides 4.0.

Hire a (good) wedding planner and she’ll help you stay on track. 

A really clever option is to hire a good wedding planner. That’s not to say you won’t have to be organized or enjoy doing research!!! 


Having a wedding specialist by your side will mean that you’ll have help in organizing ideas, keeping on top of things, sharing and comparing what needs to be done and leaving the folders to be updated to her!!!

Wedding ideas makes you 

The journey you are preparing to take is exciting, thrilling and unique! Our advice to you is to enjoy it.

If you’ve read this article, it means you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, so we suggest you start by downloading the catalogue we’ve created to meet your need for ideas and inspiration aimed at your style.

Click the button below and download the free catalogue, start here!

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