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Wedding Location & Wedding Design become one. 

When you make the right choice the wedding location and wedding design become one. 

Many times we have spoken on this blog about the importance of the choice of wedding location. 

We are absolutely convinced that it is the driving choice for the whole event! 

Today we’re going to explain why we are so persistent in emphasizing this aspect of planning. 

We may seem crazy and sometimes repetitive, but believe us, we speak from experience and if you keep reading, you will discover interesting things that maybe you have not thought.

Why choose a wedding location in accordance with the style you want to achieve

We know that choosing a wedding location is not easy, if only because the offer is very wide. 

This blog article is dedicated to all brides, whether you are planning a wedding abroad (even better if in Italy) or you are planning a wedding near home.

The location for the wedding should be chosen wisely and must be evaluated all aspects of both practical and style.

In short, when you choose you have to think in the round. 

On how to make the choice in a technical way we have spoken many times on our blog in different articles, if you want you can start reading from HERE.

For this reason we will skip the part where we say to be careful with the transport links to get to the location, to make sure there is a plan B in case of rain, etc..

Instead, we’ll focus on how the stylistic setting of the wedding venue needs to match the design from the beginning. 

The wedding location is part of the design project.

The design project of the wedding starts from the location. In order to create a harmonious atmosphere, everything must fit together and work like pieces of a mosaic. 

Now we no longer talk about the theme of the wedding but we talk about mood, the new frontier is to make the couple and guests live an experience that involves all the senses.

For this reason, the location must necessarily lend itself with its architecture, its style to emphasize that mood you want to get. 

Let’s take a practical example. 

If you dream of a princely wedding but the location of your wedding is a farm, as much as you will strive to design the decorations, flowers, the perfect menu, etc., there will always be an element that will be jarring, or the soul country that has a farm.

Changing the style of the wedding location will cost you more.

As we said a few lines above, if the place where you get married does not match well with the style you want for your wedding, the problem could be serious, especially for the budget. 

To best explain, we’ll tell you about first-hand experiences.

We happened upon a bride, some time ago, who wanted a very specific type of wedding, she came with very clear ideas and this suited us very well. 

 We made a very careful selection of wedding locations that would be perfect for the event, taking as a reference point her wishes and what she had told us. 

She was perplexed by the selection because she thought that the locations we proposed were too expensive (although we had brought the whole prospectus, dividing the budget in an optimal way). 

She did her own research and proposed alternatives, we knew they were not good, but we satisfied her by doing what she asked:

she wanted a cost estimate to transform the location with the style she wanted. 

Well, hold on to your hat!!!

The cost to transform the location was so high that it was way over her budget and cost her much more than getting a location already suited to her style that cost a little more than the ones she had found. 

Our beautiful bride ended up choosing one of the venues we suggested, saving so much money, staying within her budget and with a perfect final effect! 

Sometimes brides don’t get to see the final effect of the design, and that’s normal, but we do! That’s why we help them with sketches. 

We talked about this in our article dedicated to wedding design, if you want to read it you can find it HERE.

Wedding location and wedding design: when the magic happens

When design and wedding venue become one, at that exact point magic happens.

But how can you be sure that the choice you are making is the right one?

First of all be aware that your style is already your design. 

  • do a search by geographical area of the places that best represent the style of your wedding,
  • identify those that interest you,
  • evaluate all the technical characteristics and cross them with the aesthetic ones,
  • ask for quotes (but don’t just look at the final price, look at all the details because the difference is right there),
  • choose maximum 5 to go and see.

If you have done a good job in those 5 there is the perfect one for you. 

Our advice:

Don’t try to distort a venue, instead look for a place that is in line with the style of your wedding.

Build a design scheme around the wedding venue so you’ll be inspired and also manage to keep costs within budget .

Take care of yourself throughout the design phase, an overly stressed bride is more likely to make bad decisions. If you feel the need, ask for help from professionals (asking for help is always an act of courage); as for the locations, it will cost you less to pay a professional who knows how to direct you, than to make wrong choices and then have to run for cover. 

Location for wedding in Italy

We leave you a gift: our catalog with an incredible selection of wedding locations in Italy. 

It took us a long time to make it, the choice was difficult because we tried to take into account many factors and needs that have foreign couples who choose our country for the wedding.

You will see that this selection follows the guidelines that we have given you, because we recommend what we do, sharing our method and we do what we recommend!

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