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How to plan wedding design

Wedding design has to follow a very specific pattern to be realized.

Organizing the wedding design project is among the most exciting activities of the whole wedding design and planning.

The first thing we would like to emphasize is that the design project is not just about setting up the wedding venue and the church or ceremony.

Wedding design is about the whole event.

When you think about the wedding mood, you have to think in the round. You don’t have to limit your creativity and ideas to setting up the reception hall or the place where the ceremony will take place…think big.

The design project encompasses anything and everything!

You’ll have to start with the wedding invitations, which will have to be in line with the style you want to recreate (always remember that they are the wedding’s business card, that’s where the guests will start to understand the mood).

The style of the venue, as well as the clothes of the bride and groom, the bridesmaids, all the stationary of the wedding and many other details.

Where do you start to design?

Everything starts from your tastes, our desires and who you are. Always remember that nothing is more wrong than planning a wedding stylistically far from your personality.

You can start creating your moodboard and don’t worry if it’s messy and even a little conflicting at first, with time all the pieces will fall into place.

Start looking on the web, browse through trade magazines and keep all the images, blog articles, tips that you think will help you build your project.

Search for your design inspirations

A very good tool to start your search and get an idea, is Pinterest. There you can find so many inspirations and you can save them by creating personal boards divided by topics.

For example you could have the board “Wedding Venues” or “Wedding Dress” or even “wonderful places to get married in Italy” etc. …

If you happen to be looking for inspiration on Pinterest, you’ll find us too! We’re right HERE.

(You can also take a look at our work by clicking HERE)

Once you’ve gathered your ideas and accumulated enough material, it’s time to skim everything and follow a style line.

From this moment, you’ll see that your design project will slowly begin to take shape.

Wedding design and the role of a designer

We know very well that there is nothing in the world, that a determined bride can’t do, so designing the mood of the wedding shouldn’t be a problem either.

But we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of relying on a wedding designer!

Our agency for example, not only takes care of the organization and planning of the whole wedding, but we love more than anything else to devote ourselves to wedding design! (we are creative people after all).

As with all aspects of life, even for this, which may seem ephemeral, but is not at all because it determines the success of your wedding day, must be entrusted to the expert hands of a professional to be sure of a flawless result.

We work a lot on this aspect! We like to organize real brainstorms with our team and with the bride and groom!

We realize everything together, the choices, testing of colors, materials, flowers and to give an idea of the final result we make sketches and renderings.

The difficulty to visualize the final effect

One thing that we have learned in many years of activity and a lot of experience, is that often the bride and groom have great difficulty in imagining the final effect, they can not visualize in their mind the overall picture.

( To us instead while you tell us your vision, begins in our head a real movie. Imagination flies away. We realize that sometimes, it seems that our gaze is absent while you are talking to us. The truth is that we are paying attention, but with our thoughts we are already realizing what you are asking us…but that’s another story)

This difficulty we’ve found in many brides and grooms in not being able to imagine everything often leads them to not be able to decide or to fossilize on a choice that is most likely not the right one for them.

That’s what a team of designers is for, to help them see where their eyes can’t see and to suggest, with good reasons, stylistic choices, which will certainly give more value to their wedding.

Where does the project start from?

For those who, probably like you, choose a wedding abroad, the design project starts from the place where you decide to get married.

The wedding venue dictates the mood, this is an absolute truth!

Destination brides need to have very clear ideas of what they want, right from the start.

To help you in this choice, we have selected for you some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy and collected them in a catalog.

It is our personal gift to all the brides with an extra gear, who choose to get married in Italy.

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