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Wedding planner agency, I tell you about Dream on.

Choosing the wedding planner agency in Italy that suits your style that can plan your wedding to perfection.

We know very well this question in your head: how do I choose the right wedding agency for me in another country?

If having a wedding in Italy is your wish, you should read this article where we tell you about Dream on agency.

We don’t often tell ourselves in the first person because we don’t like to be self-referential, and because we let our are clients talk about us

We realized, thanks to the perplexities of a bride who contacted us, that relying on an agency abroad raises a lot of questions and doubts.

So we decided to virtually open the doors of our company and tell you who we are what we do and most importantly how we do it.

The different types of wedding agencies.

The first thing you need to know is that there are 2 types of wedding planner agencies:

Consulting agency, where you will have the wedding planner with her team who will help you plan the wedding in every detail, selecting suppliers, following you from the beginning to the end but she does “only” a consulting activity for which you will pay her fee and then with the different suppliers you will make direct payments by entering into contracts with each supplier.

This type is the most common in Italy because many people ask for the consulting activity but prefer to have their financial situation under control.

Then there are the more structured companies i.e. agencies that do all the consulting work, manage and select the suppliers but have a corporate structure within them such that several activities are carried out directly by the agency such as the planning part of design, flower design part workings, etc..

These agencies manage your whole budget and you only have to have one contact person and one supplier.

Broadly speaking these are the 2 realities you will find in Italy as agencies. There is no right or wrong choice, you will have to choose according to your needs.

Ours is an all-around wedding planner agency.

Dream on is part of the second case of wedding agency, so we take care of everything.

We manage the budget and have several departments in-house, which carry out internally many of the services that are useful for the realization of the wedding.

Eleonora and Design

Founder of Dream on Eleonora (who asked us on the team to write about her because she has difficulty telling her story). Eleonora in fact is a creative, the part that makes her eyes sparkle is wedding design.

She is a talented set designer with refined taste who bases her idea on the concept of less is more.

The activity that takes her away from the offices of Dream on wedding agency, during the months when weddings are dwindling, is to travel around Italy and Europe (sometimes even beyond) in search of suppliers, manufacturing companies and artisans who make objects she likes and with whom she creates the designs for her beloved weddings.

A personality somewhere between wanderer and visionary artist.

Of course, she also takes care of all the organizing part, thanks to the dense network of acquaintances that is always enriched by continuous networking and scouting.

The wedding planner agency Dream on: what you can expect.

When you come to visit us, we will give you a tour of our office, which we are very proud of.

We opened since last November a very large new office, because space is now a necessity for us!!!

We have operational offices like any self-respecting company but our pride is the showroom where we will welcome you.

The show-room

A very very large showroom space where you can see the materials, objects and all our style that you can use according to your taste to make your wedding.

If we have elective affinities, you’ll be overwhelmed by the things we’ll show you and the choice you’ll have–we’ll send you into a beautiful mess that we’ll then help you order!!!

Just think that the design and decor items you’ll see, you might even buy them for your own home…but that’s a topic we’ll explain in a bit, because we’ll talk about Eleonora’s idea of a virtuous circle of objects (stay tuned).

We really show you your set-up

In the back stage of our agency we have what we call “technical spaces”
that is, the places where we keep all the things we need for the arrangements and where we make the wedding arrangements for our brides and grooms for real, giving alternatives to choose from.

We start with your wish, we make the design and then we show it to you live.

It is certainly additional work for us, but we do it with extreme pleasure because we know very well that for the bride and groom to work from total imagination, imagining every detail is very tiring and sometimes frustrating.

That’s why, being the good set designers that we are, we let you preview everything live!!!

And don’t worry if you have to make choices remotely, for us video calls, and cameras are not a problem and we will show you everything equally live as if we were together!

We do the flower work.

Since we do the whole design project and study it in every microscopic detail, we have decided to have our own in-house florists whom we have trained and who are able to do perfectly what we ask for in each project.

So you will not have the problem of choosing a florist who can guarantee the perfect result of the design project, for we take care of it.

We have the decor for the wedding scenery.

As if the showroom, the offices, the room where we prepare the flowers, the refrigerators for the flowers were not enough we have also equipped ourselves with a huge warehouse where we put the furniture.

The thing is, Eleonora doesn’t just buy furniture complements, she feels the urgent need to also buy furniture to go with the complements.

That’s why we filled up with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, frames, chairs, rugs and anything else that imagination and a van can hold.

That way most of the furniture items we will need to create your wedding set, we won’t have to rent elsewhere.

The Wedding Agency with the “Virtuous Circle of Props”

You may be wondering what this props circle we’ve been telling you about for a few paragraphs is all about…well it’s Eleonora’s idea!!!

You should know that the selection we make of the materials, props and furniture we use for our weddings is vast and very careful.

However, it often happens that in order to have things that so many of us like and that we are sure our bride and groom will like, we have to order substantial quantities, then Eleonora rather than give up that item ( when she wants something, giving up is not really contemplated) then she buys a larger quantitative.

At this point we take the quantity we need for the weddings and what is left is put up for sale in the Show-room.

This way we all benefit:

  • We have sought-after pieces that we like and that are perfect for our clients.
  • Our brides and grooms will have a unique setup the true sense of the word while paying less…eh yes, because as you well know if you buy a larger quantity of pieces the price goes down.

Now, if you are thinking that the show room is a are wrong!

It is not always open to the public, we sell to our customers who fall in love with a few pieces of furniture on display, and only a few times a year do we plan open days for everyone.

The ready and finished project by our wedding agency

Since we have internally the most important suppliers for the realization of the wedding design project, we give you therefore, a ready and finished project including everything.

This has many advantages both in terms of style and an economic terms.

  • You will have the certainty that everything will be carried out exactly as it was designed with no possibility of error
  • You will have one contact person for everything
  • You will save a lot on the budget because you won’t have to pay us transportation costs for so many suppliers since we leave with our own trucks.
  • The costs you will pay are clear from the start and there will be no surprises at the end.

Wedding agency “Dream on”

We told you what we are and what we do, we did it to lower your anxiety, to let you experience firsthand what you can expect from us, trusting is hard, let alone putting the organization of an important day like a wedding in the hands of strangers.

We understand your every doubt and fear, we are here to help you overcome them by letting you see the whole world Dream on.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write to us here.

If you want to see our work we are waiting for you on our social pages.

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