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Wedding planner in Italy: why it is important to have one

Having a wedding planner in Italy will certainly be the best choice you can make for your wedding. 

Why choose a wedding planner in Italy instead of having one from your country that organizes your wedding remotely? 

In this article I will explain why I think that having a wedding planner operating in Italy will be the best choice you can make for your wedding planning. 

If you’re thinking that I’m writing this article because I’m an Italian wedding planner, you’re right! 

I’m writing it because I know perfectly how many difficulties you may meet to organize a wedding in a country far from yours.

I know from direct experience, what are the skills and especially the knowledge that you must have to organize a wedding in a foreign country. 

I speak about Italy because it is my country and I can tell you my life experience as a wedding professional.

Since several years I deal exclusively with weddings and more precisely with destination weddings, so I share with you, my dear readers, a little bit of my experience. 

It is my contribution to the brides, I like to think that you can approach the organization of the wedding with serenity and in possession of the right tools to make your choices … whatever they are.

Wedding planner in Italy: why?

Italy is a wonderful country where you can find a part of the whole world! 

Our landscapes, ancient villages, cities of art, mountains, sea, major European cities … you will find everything at your disposal so that you can have the wedding of your dreams! 

In Italy you have to know, to have the best it has to offer. 

I know, it may sound like a bad phrase to say but that’s exactly how it is.

If you want to get the best, if you want to organize an event really made in Italy, you must have a very extensive knowledge of the territory and resources. 

A wedding planner has a great know how

A wedding planner who lives in Italy has experience, knows the dynamics of the business, has knowledge and has the strength to deal with any request, problem or unexpected. 

Let me tell you my story…

With my agency I have been working in the wedding business for years and I have seen many, but really many brides with their desires, requests (sometimes strange), and unforeseen events…

How do you think I could have coped with all this, if I didn’t have my smartphone with an address book of phone numbers of people I know personally and that I just have to call to solve a problem or fulfill a wish? 

Just this year it happened to me that a supplier with whom I often collaborate, had a very serious problem and won’t be able to give me elements of decor for some events I have planned. 

It’s a real tragedy for anyone involved in planning, believe me!

Well, after recovering from a few seconds of a heart attack, I was able very quickly to get the materials I was missing from other suppliers. 

I picked up the phone and found a network of contacts ready to help me solve the problem.

This is priceless when you are planning a wedding…this is what a local professional can give you. 

Security, peace of mind and certainty….

(Ah…the bride and groom of the events without materials, did not know anything about what happened, only after solving I told him the story…)

No stress is my motto! 

The doubts of the couple to hire a wedding planner in Italy

Yes, I know, I know how many doubts you have about hiring a professional abroad.

You’re thinking: not only the wedding is far, even the wedding planner!

The wedding planner is not just the material organizer of your wedding, but a confidant, a valuable support … in the end almost a friend …

I know you would like to have her close! 

 Objections to having a wedding planner in Italy

Here are the objections that I have found in most brides: 

  • How do I do with language? will we understand each other? 
  • I want to talk to a person, I want to bring them face to face.
  • The communication will be fragmented because of the time difference and I will not be able to get the answers I need to be comfortable. 
  • What if she tricks me?

Tell me you haven’t thought of at least 1 of these doubts?

The solutions to the objections

Now let’s answer the objections: 

  • For the language you can communicate in English and there shouldn’t be many problems (at least I’ve never had any with my couples). 
  • Some agencies have in their staff also native speakers of different nationalities, you might find the agency with whom you can communicate in your language. 
  • People are looking for people, how true, that we need humanity!!! Fortunately, technology comes to our rescue. Never before has distance been an issue.                                                                                                                                         No one forbids you to make video calls with your wedding planner to talk face to face.
  • The time zone is not a problem for those who are used to working with people from all over the world! An agreement can always be found!                                                                                                                                                    Then a good professional never creates assumptions for panic questions that can not wait a few hours to be answered! The serenity of the brides is always a priority.
  • “What if she tricks me??” You mean, “if she is not a true professional?” You have the means to verify it now I explain how.

 How to understand that a wedding planner in Italy is right for you.

As with all professions in the world even that of the wedding planner has its excellence and its mediocre professionals! 

How to understand if a wedding planner is right for you and knows how to do the job you pay her for? 

A professional is recognized …

First of all do some research on the web! Do a little detective work in short.

Look at her social channels, read what she writes, what her approach to the organization is. Try to get to know her a little through what she writes!

Pay attention to the photos she posts: check if the photos she posts are of her events.

Read the reviews: read what the bride and groom say about her.

Check if she has a website, I’m firmly planted on this: a professional must have a website (and a beautiful one too, I might add).

Entering the site should be like entering his office, pay attention to how much care he has for his online storefront and you’ll get an idea of how much care she puts into the things he does. 

If she meets these requirements and you like her approach and her style makes you dream of BINGO you’ve found her!

At this point contact her and schedule a video call, they are almost always free! .

Give yourself a gift: choose a wedding planner in Italy. 

Choose a wedding planner ready to relieve you from the tasks, choose who can suggest that magical place that is not in the guides of tour operators who all know.

Make excellence your goal and remember that excellence comes from knowledge.

To stay on the topic of magnificent places where you can choose to get married

I leave below the free catalog, designed for foreign brides looking for inspiration from unique places! 

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