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Wedding reception venues: 5 best types you can find in Italy

Wedding reception venues the 5 most suitable types of wedding reception venues you can find in Italy

As you will certainly have understood from reading our blog, the choice of wedding reception venues is an element that we consider to be of fundamental importance when planning a wedding abroad. 

This is why we try to give you as much information as possible so that you can make the right choice for your wedding according to your aesthetic tastes and needs. 

We like to think that brides who choose to get married in our country are super informed and that they make their choices having had the chance to consider all kinds of options. 

In the end, this is what we do, we help our clients to evaluate the best options and make the choices that will certainly guarantee them the wedding they dream of. 

We also love to share these options with our readers and followers!

But now sit back and get ready to read about the 5 wedding venue proposals that we think could be functional for a destination wedding in Italy. 

Wedding reception venues: choose the perfect one for you.

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Historic villas or prestigious castles are the most popular venue for wedding receptions. 

These types of wedding venues are particularly popular because of their refined style and the special features that make them unique. 

In Italy you can find beautiful venues in practically every region. 

These venues usually have large outdoor spaces, courtyards or courts where both the aperitif and the final dessert buffet can be held.

Keep in mind that 80% of these historic residences do not have an in-house restaurant. You will therefore have to hire a catering company.

This is never a problem though, the venue managers will be able to recommend catering facilities and if you have a wedding planning agency, you can be even more relaxed, because we will take care of making a selection for you of the best caterers to meet all your needs. 

If you would like to see an example of a villa, we recommend Villa Grabau.


In recent years, more and more spaces have been set aside for events. 

You can find enchanting places on the beach, or installations in the middle of a vineyard, or a renovated convent or old farmhouse with the charm of the past and the comforts of today.

Imagination is certainly not lacking and the tendency to transform unconventional places into wedding reception venues gives us the opportunity to offer a great deal to our foreign guests.

A wonderful example of an unconventional wedding venue is ETRURIA ABBEY

(if you are interested in more details, you will find this and many other wedding venues in our guide, download it for free).


Restaurant is another alternative for holding a wedding reception. 

The positive factor in choosing a restaurant is the quality of the food (although a good caterer guarantees excellent food quality). 

If you use a restaurant you can avoid the cost of hiring a venue and pay the simple cost of the menu for each guest.

This is a suitable choice if you have accommodated your guests close to the restaurant and have fallen in love with the venue. 

Remember that you can also decorate the restaurant according to your own tastes, but always choose a place that by its nature is already close to your aesthetic sense.

Don’t think you can radically transform it, the cost would be enormous and the effect will never be truly perfect (wedding planner’s advice).

Wedding reception venues: : FARMHOUSE

Another place where you can hold your wedding reception is a farmhouse.

In the last few years with agritourism in Italy we are going strong!

Thanks to increasingly ambitious projects to preserve the typical and historical places of our country, many old farmhouses have been renovated and new ones have been created, all with cutting-edge technology and equipped with all comforts. 

People usually think of an agritourism as a simple, informal wedding. In most cases this is the case.

Those who choose this type of venue are looking for a wedding surrounded by nature, with a more informal mood and a strong Italian accent.

However, many agritourisms have an extremely luxury feel to them, so you may find yourself having a totally different experience even if you are surrounded by a rural setting.

 Reserve a VILLAGE

A wonderful idea would be to take refuge for 2 or 3 days in an entire village with friends and family. 

We know that by now the attention to this article has increased, villages always have that effect.

In Italy, if you didn’t know yet, you can celebrate weddings by renting entire villages.

You’ll find an optimal situation because the accommodation and the party venue will all be in the same place. 

You can enjoy a fantastic experience in complete relaxation, and the time needed to manage the event will also be less tight. 

Wedding reception venues: our conclusions

We’ve shared with you an overview of some of the most popular types of wedding venues you can find in Italy. 

We hope that knowing all your options will make you decide on your wedding with greater peace of mind.

If you need support in planning your wedding in Italy, please contact us and tell us about your vision. 

For more inspiration you can download this catalogue we have created for brides with a careful selection of interesting wedding venues. 

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