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Wedding venues in Italy: Umbria, your unconventional destination

Let’s talk about wedding venues in Italy and in particular the beautiful places in Umbria.

For you as a bride planning a destination wedding in a foreign country, we know that finding the perfect place to celebrate your wedding is your priority.

We know you have specific needs, like finding your dream venue that meets your expectations but is also comfortable for your guests. 

It has to be

  • close to airports,
  • it has to be well connected,
  • it has to be able to comfortably accommodate all your guests,
  • it has to be close to beautiful venues where you can have a welcome dinner the night before the wedding and a branch the day after. 

Have we guessed right?

Well, then we suggest you get comfortable and read this article because we want to tell you about a beautiful place in Italy that is  unconventional but absolutely perfect. 

Wedding venue in Umbria.

We are absolutely in love with this region.

We’ll tell you right now so you know where we stand on this!

Umbria is a region bordering Lazio and Tuscany, in the heart of Italy. It is a very organised region and has said in recent years great projects for destination weddings in Italy. 

Here you will find wonderful views where the view is lost and the heart is lightened of every weight.

The real Italy also passes through Umbria, we like to say!

If you want to consider this region, it won’t disappoint.

You will find absolutely fantastic venues that will satisfy your sense of aesthetics, your needs for the wellbeing of your guests and give you a completely Italian experience.

Location in Umbria

To underline our love for this land, in our catalogue that you can download HERE, we have dedicated an entire section to unconventional weddings in Italy.

The possibilities are endless and even your budget will be saved!

Castello Monterone a special wedding venue in italy

To give you an example of what you can find in Umbria we suggest you look at Castello di Monterone.

Immersed in the green Umbrian countryside, and only a stone’s throw from the beautiful city of Perugia, the Castello di Monterone sits proudly on a hill overlooking the valley that lies between Perugia and Assisi.

This location is indeed very evocative and romantic; the Castle is majestic and strong but at the same time welcoming and enfolding.

Hosting your wedding at Castello di Monterone will make you feel special and pampered thanks to the very high standard of service the location offers.

What you have just read is just one example of what Umbria has to offer.

Italy is full of wonderful, unconventional places that will give you and your guests an extraordinary and unique experience. 

Download our free resource and discover the options for your destination wedding in Italy. 

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