Wedding Italy package

Wedding Italy package: is it the best choice?

Let’s talk about Wedding Italy packages, a formula that may seem like a solution.

Many newlyweds planning their wedding in Italy look for Wedding Italy packages, but why?

There are various reasons, some do it to optimise the time it takes to find suppliers, others think they are cheaper, and still others because they feel more guaranteed.

But what are these wedding packages really?

What are wedding packages?

Let’s start by explaining what these wedding packages are that are offered to newlyweds.

They are a set of services offered at a flat rate.

There can be infinite types of wedding packages for your wedding in Italy.

The most popular ones are those proposed by wedding venues.

Venues offer the bride and groom a prefabricated wedding reception solution.

They offer various services ranging from venue hire to light design to music, etc..

All offered at an all-inclusive price.

Not only wedding venues make up packages for the bride and groom, but also many other suppliers that provide a service that is made up of several suppliers.

The advantages of Wedding Italy packages

Choosing Wedding packages for your wedding in Italy could have among its advantages that of dealing with fewer suppliers as it will be, for example, the venue that will talk to the light design or all the suppliers included in the package you choose.

Another thing it could help you with is speeding up the choice of suppliers.

In wedding packages there are very few suppliers to choose from for each service, if any.

So if you do not want to search the web for every single supplier, this method of wedding planning could help you.

 The disadvantages of Wedding packages

While Wedding packages on the one hand simplify the choice of suppliers and give you less to think about, on the other hand they might limit your options and not perfectly meet your wishes.

The side that I think is negative about packages is that they ‘force’ you to choose between certain suppliers.

I find it much more interesting to have the possibility to compose your own team of suppliers according to your tastes and needs.

Wedding Italy package: a solution not for everyone

Choosing from a limited and obligatory number of options is not, in any case, a wise choice.

You might end up having to make do and most likely your wedding will be identical to a thousand other weddings.
So choosing pre-constructed wedding packages is definitely not a good option for detail-oriented, super organised, and demanding brides!

Having the chance to build the wedding with all the bricks like a Lego construction I think is as exciting as it gets.

Wedding Italy package: there is an alternative solution for a stress-free service.

I am well aware that organising a wedding abroad is not easy, and I am well aware that sometimes a solution that seemingly simplifies the whole process can seem like a lifeline.

Believe me, in the end it won’t be!

In the end you may have to make do with too many things because of the restrictions that wedding packages have.

The solution is to hire an experienced destination wedding planner.

A trusted person who has your best interests at heart and can propose a selection of suppliers that perfectly meet your needs.

You will be able to have the wedding you have always dreamed of and without any stress.

Besides, if you think this is much more expensive, let me explain that it is not.

 Wedding Italy packages are not cheaper.

There is no real saving to be made with wedding packages.

Wedding packages consist of standard products and services that are the same and it is on depersonalisation and large quantities that they make their money at the expense of quality and uniqueness.

If you would like more information on what an Italian wedding designed around your needs and desires would look like, just contact me, I will be happy to exchange useful information with you.

Start looking around at the most beautiful and suitable locations for your destination wedding in Italy.

Download the catalogue I put at your disposal free of charge.

You will have in your hands a compass with which to orient yourself to better plan your wedding.


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