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What could go wrong on the wedding day?

On your wedding day, you would certainly like everything to go smoothly and smoothly. In fact, no one hopes to have to deal with unforeseen events of any kind, so the best thing to do is to organize everything well in order to make the event as perfect as possible. However, it must be said that

  • Perfection does not exist
  • You cannot expect to control everything

It must therefore be taken into account that some small (or large) hitch could happen. The important thing, whatever happens, is to face everything with a lot of irony. Maybe the unexpected will make your most beautiful day special!

Vediamo cosa potrebbe andare storto il giorno del matrimonio e qualche suggerimento per superare certe situazioni scomode.

Let’s see what could go wrong on the wedding day and some tips to overcome certain uncomfortable situations.

Dress and shoes

One of the biggest concerns of every bride is that the dress is perfect from the beginning to the end of the day. However, it is well known that light fabric and long train are a dangerous combination if you have to face a ceremony with many people and a reception with many courses.

It is not nice to see your wedding dress stained or trampled on, but once the damage is done nothing can be done. Arming yourself with a beautiful smile is therefore the best thing to do. After all, it happened with the wedding dress, but it could have happened even on any day. Think about enjoying your most beautiful day and don’t think about the rest.

Same goes for the shoes. In fact, it could happen that a heel breaks in the middle of the ceremony. Take it with irony, and ask a trusted person to keep you a spare couple of dancers (which can still come in handy during the day).

Toast and relatives

Durante il ricevimento amici e parenti vorranno certamente esprimere l’affetto nei vostri confronti facendo un discorso o raccontando aneddoti. C’è un momento però per tutto, e i brindisi potrebbero interferire con lo svolgimento del ricevimento.

During the reception, friends and relatives will certainly want to express their affection for you by making a speech or telling anecdotes. However, there is a time for everything, and the toasts could interfere with the reception.

In fact, remember that the caterers are there for you and therefore it is right not to interfere with their work with the speeches of relatives just as they are about to serve a course. The best thing is to reserve a specific moment for toasts, perhaps after cutting the cake.

From one location to another

Especially in the case of a destination wedding, it will be necessary to take into account the various trips of the guests (from the hotel to the place of the ceremony, etc …). The worst thing that can happen is to get lost some guests on the street, which is terrible if you are in a country that is not your own!

To avoid this unexpected event, it is necessary to plan all the movements that will take place during the wedding weekend (or at least the main ones) and ask your guests well in advance who will need to use them. Of course, it is likely that someone will join at the last moment, better take this into account!

Something has disappeared

Finally, let’s move on to a great classic, namely the sudden disappearance of some fundamental things at the ceremony, such as rings and the bride’s bouquet. In both cases it is better to be foresight.

As for the wedding rings, the suggestion is to entrust them to a relative or friend who will take them out at the right time. If, on the other hand, you are afraid of losing your bouquet right at the moment of launch, the idea is to have two, one for the ceremony and one for later, perhaps with two different flower arrangements.


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