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What to put in the welcome bag?

One of the best ways to thank your guests for attending your wedding is to give them a welcome bag.  What to put in the welcome bag?  And most of all…

What is it about?

A welcome bag (or wedding bag) is nothing more than a kit containing everything that can be useful to the guests during the ceremony or the weekend (in case you are organizing a destination wedding). In fact, on these occasions it often happens that you find yourself without basic things (such as paper handkerchiefs). A welcome bag can also be a nice way to introduce guests to the country where you will celebrate the wedding.

In this way, guests will feel pampered and can better immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of the event. Here is a brief guide on what to put in your wedding welcome bag.

Essential items and small gifts

The first things to put inside the welcome bag are certain objects of common use that may prove necessary in general when you are away from home:


  • The aforementioned paper handkerchiefs (also useful in case you are moved during the ceremony)
  • Refreshing wipes
  • Patches
  • Mini sewing kit

These will then be followed by things indicate more specific indications for the ceremony, such as the wedding weekend program or directions to reach the reception location.

Another idea is to put small gifts in the welcome bag to thank your guests for coming. From this point of view sweets are perfect or typical products of the country where you are going to celebrate the wedding ( in this case, check the expiration date carefully!).

Or again, you can insert objects suitable for the season. In summer, for example, the welcome bag can be filled with a fan and wipes for insect bites, while in winter we will have a blanket or a pair of gloves available.


The choice of material

The welcome bag must first of all be in line with the style that will be given to the event. The options are many and you can indulge yourself by combining materials and colors. The main advice is to choose the same shades that will characterize the event and to print your names on the bag with the date of the wedding and where it will be celebrated.

In principle, you can choose between:

  • A personalized paper bag, perhaps embellished with a nice bow. This is the cheapest choice, suitable in case you decide to insert only the necessary items during the ceremony
  • A reusable fabric or jute bag, perfect for a wedding in full green style
  • A lace bag, excellent if you want to give a refined touch to the ceremony and not go unnoticed


One last piece of advice: whatever material you choose, make sure that inside the welcome bag there are not only the objects necessary to pleasantly spend the wedding day, but also something that speaks about you as a couple and that will remind everyone of the your most beautiful day.

If you want a surprise effect, a suggest can be to personalise the wedding bag: the ones for the bridesmaids, the ones for the groomsmen, the ones for the parents at your event, the ones who has a role at your ceremony, in which you can put something personalised and thankful.

Or you can simply choose to be traditional, then in this case you can choose between a very traditional thank you card and a cute personalized mug or key ring. The guests will appreciate the gift and will be delighted to have shared this important day with you.

If you are undecided and don’t know what to put in your welcome bag, don’t panic! For any suggestions take a look at our shop and our Pinterest boards!

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