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Why get married in Italy – our advice for a perfect wedding in Italy

Why get married in Italy? What are the reasons for choosing Italy as your wedding destination? What are the things you need know? 

In this post we will talk about this very important choice to get married in Italy.  Those who decide to have a destination wedding are already preparing to have an extraordinary wedding.  A wedding away from home, is not just a reception, is not just a party but is an all-round experience. With friends and relatives you share more days together, you have the opportunity to live more deeply this experience and you have the opportunity to live the party and also a beautiful trip.  So what are we waiting for, let’s see together what are the reasons why Italy could be the perfect destination for your wedding experience. 

Why get married in Italy.

Italy has always been a very popular destination for travel and weddings. It’s a small peninsula, it’s true, but here you can find the whole world concentrated. 


In Italy you can choose the landscape you like to frame your wedding.  Sea, mountains, lakes, green expanses, hills, cities of art and even volcanoes. To plan your wedding in Italy you won’t have to take any limits of choice, what you have in mind, we can offer it to you. If you choose the right setting for you, you will have already chosen the background for your wedding, just add the details and you’re done.  For example, if you choose a location with a beautiful view of the hills of Umbria, you would not need a big set up, because most of the work of the scenery will have done by the nature.

Food & Wine

The good food and wine you find in Italy is famous all over the world. You can choose the traditional Italian dishes that are many. You have to know that in this beautiful country, there are traditions of cooking, different for each region.  You will be able to match your wedding menu with a good wine made in Italy that will surely be appreciated by your guests. 

History: a reason to get married in Italy.

Most of the world’s archaeological heritage is located in Italy. Italy is the first country for number of UNESCO world heritage sites. You can have your wedding at an archaeological site, for example, or with a view of the Colosseum. (Just think about the amazing photos you’ll have). In Italy you walk through history, from ancient archaeological sites such as Paestum, Pompei, The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, passing through the medieval castles, to the Renaissance residences. 

The climate

An element that should not be underestimated for the organization of the wedding is the climate.  In Italy there are mild temperatures all year round. You can choose any season to get married in italy, you will always find the perfect combination with a magical atmosphere in every season of the year.

Wedding venues to get married in Italy

Where you get married is the most important thing.  The choice that determines the whole wedding is the place you choose to crown this dream.  In Italy you will surely find the perfect venue for you. Historic villas, receptions by the sea, beautiful farmhouses in the hills with an atmosphere of yesteryear but with the comforts of modern life. You can find the right location for you and discovery true Italian culture. 

The holidays & Honeymoon

You can combine your wedding with a nice vacation! You can think about extending your stay in Italy and also organize your honeymoon.  This way, you’ll have an advantage on the trip. You will be able to take some time to visit the most beautiful cities, have the most incredible experiences that this country can offer to you.

Our advice for a perfect wedding in Italy

If the thought of getting married in Italy is taking shape in your mind, here are some tips that we feel to give you to make your choice without mistakes. 

Look for a wedding Italian planner.

Choose an Italian wedding planner, who specializes in destination wedding. It may seem like an obvious advice but it is not.  You absolutely need someone who coordinates everything in Italy, an Italian professional knows very well the places, has super solid agreements with suppliers who knows personally, and will be your eyes where you can not see.  He will have incredible freedom of movement and will be able to resolve any complications or unforeseen issues very easily.  Don’t underestimate the importance of the know-how that a local wedding planner can have.  If you are worrying about communication because of for the language, let that go.  Wedding planners specialized in destination weddings speak foreign languages, have within their team, people who speak different languages and…that they are Italian, so communication is never a problem.

Find the right atmosphere for you.

Study the views that Italy offers and get an idea of the atmosphere you would like for your wedding, if you start from this with clear ideas, the rest will be easy.  Start with the atmosphere and mood you want to have at your wedding and the rest will be a consequence. Location, food, decorations etc..

Search accommodation where guests can stay

If you want to give a really nice thing, try to choose a place where your guests can easily find accommodation near the wedding venue. In Italy, many facilities that do weddings have the ability to accommodate guests.

What kind of wedding do you want?

Ask yourself this question.  Do you want a wedding in a super famous location such as Villa Cimbrone on the Amalfi Coast or do you want a wedding in an unconventional place such as a beautiful place like Castello di Petrata in Umbria. If you are looking for your perfect Venue we suggest you to download Wedding Venues in Italy”  our catalogue, where you will find a careful selection of beautiful locations in Italy. Getting married in Italy can truly be the experience you have been looking for; a way to make your wedding unforgettable.  We are confident that here you will find your perfect combination of beauty, atmosphere and comfort.

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