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5 Tips for your Winter Wedding in Italy

A winter wedding has a wonderful mood.

Italy can offer you many options to organize your winter wedding, with interesting proposals and that make dream the most rational brides. 

We thought to share with you 5 tips for a perfect winter wedding in Italy.

Plan a perfect Winter Wedding in Italy

In fact, there are many things we could tell you about this topic, but for now we have selected the 5 things we think are most important.

1. Choose the right location

The choice of the location is as always a starting point. For a perfect winter wedding, you could opt for a nice cozy room with warm colors.

It would be great to have a fireplace. The atmosphere created by a fireplace is unique and very impressive.

If there was also the possibility of having a winter garden would be really top.

2. Choose a place that welcomes guests. 

For destination weddings always try to find accommodation for guests near the location.

For a winter wedding, it would be perfect if the location could host the guests.

There would be no problem of travel or temperature changes for the bride and groom and guests.

In short, no stress.

3. Choosing the right menu.

Choose for the reception, a seasonal menu.

For this reason, chefs are very good at giving advice – in fact, sometimes they exalt themselves in proposing particular dishes of Italian tradition with a touch of innovation. 

Don’t forget to also provide hot drinks such as special infusions and hot chocolate with cream, it will help you and your guests to feel warmer in the place.

4. Decorations and atmosphere. 

A winter wedding immediately brings to mind a Christmas mood.

A wedding inspired by Christmas is always beautiful and charming and immediately calls to an air of celebration. 

A winter wedding is not just about Christmas.

You have at your disposal an infinity of wonderful flowers so don’t stop your imagination. 

Weigh in on light colors like sage green, light pink, and all shades of white.

A touch that should not be missed are the lights…micro led lights everywhere and candles, candles, candles….

5. Outfit for a winter wedding

Let’s talk about dresses…for a perfect winter wedding outfit everything is played with accessories.

A low-cut dress becomes perfect with a fine wool shrug.

A dress with thin straps turns into a warm dress with the addition of a short fur jacket (preferably synthetic).

Ladies will not have to give up anything at all, lace, necklines and elegant dresses, just think of the right accessories. 

You can think of having guests find warm plaids on the chairs so they can rest them on their legs during lunch or dinner. 

A Winter Wedding in Italy is a great idea

Hopefully, these little tips will help you plan your perfect winter wedding in Italy. 

It is not a difficult project to accomplish, no more difficult than a summer wedding. 

You’ll have a lot of advantages especially since you’ll have more choice of vendors and locations since they have fewer events in the winter months and can devote even more attention to their clients. 

To help your inspiration we have published our selection of locations for you … download it for free and find out that one that fits to you the most.

You won’t stop falling in love with this winter dream, and maybe with some bit of snow, who knows?

Your guests will always remember this magic atmosphere, they will live it not only like a wedding but also a white week!

ps: if you need information, if you have questions or curiosity to which you want an answer, do not hesitate to ask us.

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