The secret to plan a perfect wedding abroad

perfect wedding abroad

 A perfect wedding abroad is planned according to a precise method; perfection is not by chance but the result of study and a job well done. Are you a demanding bride looking for the perfect wedding in a country that is not your own? Settle down on your sofa, you are about to learn the […]

Wedding in Italy: discover Italian traditions for an authentic ceremony

wedding in italy - Dream On wedding planner & design in Umbria

Wedding in Italy has a number of very interesting traditions, find out what they mean and choose which ones to include in your wedding Wedding in Italy is a celebration that unites two people and their families, but also a social and cultural event of great importance. Wedding traditions in Italy go back centuries and […]

Wedding inspiration in Italy

Wedding inspiration in Italy

How to find your wedding inspiration in Italy. You’re looking for wedding inspiration in Italy, but where can you look for it? Which one is the right one? Today we answer the most Hamletian of all questions from brides who choose a wedding abroad in Italy: How exactly do I want my wedding to be? […]

Last minute wedding in Italy: how to organize it

last minute wedding

Organizing a last minute wedding in Italy, can it be done? Today we answer this question, which is asked by all brides who can’t wait a minute longer to say Yes I do feel like planning an elopement in Italy want a wedding in Italy, without too many complications and without having to plan too […]

Italian Wedding Menù for your reception

Italian Wedding Menù

Italian Wedding Menù is one of the most important details to pay attention to. Italian Wedding Menù for your wedding may seem difficult for you to plan, we know that, you probably have never done anything like this. Don’t worry, we have thought of this blog post, just to help you make this choice and […]