Getting married in italy and helping guests with a tour of the region

Getting Married in Italy - Dream On Wedding Planner Umbria

Today we are talking about how to get married in Italy by helping your guests to organize a tour of the region that hosts you. Getting married in Italy does not only mean organizing the wedding (as we have already said in our articles already published), but it also means taking special care of your […]

Destination wedding in italy: How to organize a perfect welcome dinner

Typical welcome dinner of a destination wedding in Italy - Dream On Wedding Planner Umbria

A destination wedding in Italy is not just an event. When organizing a destination wedding there are many aspects that need to be organized and you must always keep in mind the wellbeing of the guests. Why have a Welcome dinner A very common custom is to organize a welcome dinner the night before the […]

5 Tips to organize a wedding

5 Tips to organize a wedding - Dream On Wedding Planner & designi in Umbria Italy

To organize a wedding there are so many aspects to consider and it is not easy to keep up with everything. In addition to choosing the location and selecting the various suppliers, it is also important to ask yourself a few essential questions: How long before start designing? What do we want? And what do […]

Wedding Planner e Wedding Designer: What is the difference?

Wedding planner & wedding designer - Dream On wedding in Umbria Italy

When organizing a wedding, relying on an expert person is the best solution for all couples who want to have less stress during the preparations and create a memorable event. The figure of the “wedding organizer”, however, still arouses some confusion, since it is often called in two different ways, namely wedding planners and wedding […]

The marriage proposal

The marriage proposal in Italy - Dream On Wedding planner in Umbria

It all starts from there, from that “Do you want to marry me?“. A simple question that must be asked with great style, because the marriage proposal must be unforgettable. Depending on your way of being and what you like to do, the marriage proposal can be more or less creative. But one thing is […]