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A wedding in winter in Italy, is a suggestive choice

Have you ever thought about having a winter wedding in Italy?

Not many people consider having a wedding in winter, but we want to show you how wonderful a winter wedding in Italy can be.

Generally when you think of Italy, you imagine the summer holidays; sun, sea, boat rides to the islands excursions and horse riding in the woods.

Well, what I’m about to say might be shocking: 

Italy in winter is absolutely as wonderful as it is in spring and summer. It offers so many options, beautiful views and possibilities to plan a perfect winter destination wedding.

Now let’s dream a little with some ideas that can change your perspective.

Inspirations for a winter wedding.

So many places in Italy lend themselves to a winter wedding, with beautiful views (even better if it snows). Winter wedding is for romantics, if you dream of:

  • soft lights
  • a warm burning fireplace
  • decorations with buttercups, anemones and cotton flowers.

If you like warm blankets, an intimate atmosphere and the harmony of flavors at the table …

then you are a Winter Bride. 

The locations

There are no limits in the choice of location for your perfect wedding in  winter, most have indoor rooms perfectly heated and suitable for a wedding with a beautiful and winter atmosphere. 

Imagine a farmhouse with a rustic setting, full of warm lights, the fireplace lit and a large imperial table where you can share a special menu heavy with seasonal ingredients. 

Or see yourself as a bride, in a medieval castle, large, overlooking a lake! Large rooms, an imperial setting, candles and porcelain edged with gold and surrounded by history.

The settings. for a wedding in winter

The settings are tinged with white, red or green.

You can use gadgets for the well-being of guests such as placing warm blankets on the chairs to give your guests a soft and cozy feeling.

Or you can provide hot drinks on their arrival such as a nice flavored tea or hot chocolate with cream.

You can create a truly unforgettable atmosphere with signature details.

Bride outfit for a wedding in winter

The wedding dress itself has no seasonality, but it will be the details that will make a simple wedding dress, into a winter wedding dress.

Shrugs, sleeves, or a cape, to cover the shoulders; fabrics ranging from fur to warm velvet, and delicate wool.

A tiara with swarosky and gold satin antiqued scrunchies will make you the real Snow Queen. 

A bouquet made of anemones and buttercups, very romantic and impressive.

Are you imagining? Do you like?

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The idea of having a winter wedding in Italy

 The idea of having a winter wedding is very original and extremely particular. 

Everything would have a great effect, for the importance of the scenery, the intimate and unique atmosphere. 

It could also be a unique experience for your guests that they might never have on their own.

You could offer the opportunity to discover a country like Italy from a different point of view.

We are not only the country of the sun and the sea, but also of the snow, the winter suggestions and the smell of fireplaces and roast chestnuts.

Italy is a country to be discovered in all seasons of the year.

A winter wedding, should certainly be planned well, but with the right advice and the right suppliers the dream can become reality. 

Keep dreaming of perfect places for your winter wedding by downloading the catalog we created to help you make your perfect choice. 


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