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Destination wedding in italy: choose the perfect view

Choosing a destination wedding in Italy means first of all choosing the perfect view.

Let’s talk about Italy, let’s talk about all those couples who choose our country to crown their dream of love…

We know very well that the first thing you fall in love with are the beautiful views of Italy.

So let’s talk about how to choose the perfect view to be the backdrop to your destination wedding in Italy.

The country of a hundred landscapes

Italy’s main characteristic is the plurality of its landscapes. 

Scholars, writers and poets of all times have spoken about it, finding their most beautiful inspirations in a corner of Italy. 

Italy can be defined as “the little version of the world”. You can find the snow-capped mountains of Trentino, the rolling hills of Umbria, the ploughed fields of the Sienese countryside, the sea of the Amalfi Coast, the ancient villages scattered throughout the country, and the splendid islands such as Capri or Procida (Capital of Culture 2022).

How to choose between different views

Every need, every personal taste, every emotion can be satisfied, the important thing is to know what you are looking for. 

If you are thinking of having your destination wedding in Italy then ask yourself this question first:

What is the landscape I want as a backdrop to my wedding?

This question may seem silly or trivial, but it is fundamental. 

If, before anything else, you choose the character you want to give to your wedding, you will surely be able to hit the target. 

Knowing what to look for is the first rule, otherwise you risk getting lost in the many offers you will receive from suppliers and you will lose a lot of time and energy and you might even think about giving up the wedding you have dreamt of in Italy. 

Start with an idea of the view you want for your wedding and build everything else around that.

Destination wedding in Italy: wedding in the hills.

Let’s take one example out of many to explain how to go about organising the perfect destination wedding. 

Let’s say you’ve been to Italy and you’ve fallen in love with the hills.

A soft, romantic landscape that lights up with a thousand shades at sunset.

At this point, we know that your wedding should have the hills as a backdrop.

Look for regions where this landscape is present and particularly beautiful, such as Umbria and Tuscany.

The venues of your destination wedding

Step 2 choose the type of structure where you want to get married. 

  • A large country house surrounded by greenery
  • A medieval castle,
  • A vineyard
  • An ancient village, etc…

Whatever the venue, make sure it has a view of the hills, make sure it’s tinged with all the shades of colour you love at sunset.

Start with those and build a perfect destination wedding in Italy.

If you proceed in an orderly fashion following the steps we’ve outlined and a strict method, you’ll have the most beautiful wedding you’ve ever had. 

The view you choose for your wedding will be your backdrop, just like a theatre backdrop. 

It will help you immensely to find the mood of the whole event.

Don’t feel lost, the choice will be easier than it seems, just listen to your heart and the rest will follow…

We have thought of helping you by writing a completely free catalogue where you will find a selection of venues in Italy with amazing views.

If you want you can start your search by downloading the catalogue here. 

For all information, questions and curiosity, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to find solutions and invent strategies to make dreams come true.

For all information, questions and curiosity, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to find solutions and invent strategies to make dreams come true.

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