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Average wedding cost: Destination wedding in Italy

What is the average wedding cost of a destination wedding in Italy?

Let’s start the year talking about planning and average cost for a wedding in Italy.

Celebrating a fairytale wedding is priceless.

Unfortunately, however, you have to deal with reality, and above all with your budget.

If, in fact, at the sight of white and fluffy wedding dresses, wonderful locations and wedding cakes as soft as a cloud, one would be inclined to spared no expense, it is necessary to respect the amount that has been set.

How much does a Destination Wedding in Italy cost?

If you were thinking of the Bel Paese to celebrate your wedding, you are rightly wondering, how much does a Destination Wedding in Italy cost?

Actually less than you think.

In fact, it is calculated that with the right precautions a Destination Wedding in Italy not only costs less than an equivalent ceremony for example in the USA, but it can also prove to be an excellent choice for the care and reliability of Italian companies operating in the bridal sector

The wedding planner, key figure

Juggling a thousand proposals, perhaps it can be difficult and, in an attempt to really understand how much a Destination Wedding in Italy costs, you risk giving up.

The trick, however, is to choose a good wedding planner who knows how to guide you in the choices of the best suppliers, always taking into account your budget.

Professionalism is the key to everything, and the price must always be related to the level of service offered.

In fact, many offer pre-packaged weddings which, if on the one hand save money, on the other, however, are cold and depersonalized.

In this regard, Dream On Wedding can create an unforgettable wedding in Umbria for you, adapting every detail of the ceremony and reception to your way of being, and managing costs transparently.

Destination Wedding in Italy – Average wedding cost

Let’s see what is the average cost for a destination wedding in Italy and some suggestions for organizing your most beautiful day at the right price.

1- The frame

Italy is a beautiful country from north to south, so whatever region you choose for your wedding you will find incredible landscapes as your backdrop. However, it must be said that some locations such as large cities (Rome, Venice …) can be a little more expensive.

Other regions, on the other hand, such as Umbria, are further away from mass tourist flows, and for this reason they can offer you an enchanting setting for a little less money.

2- Location and catering

Reception usually covers 45-50% of the total expense. The range of options is very wide, and for a location you can go from just under € 2500 for a farmhouse, up to over € 5000 for a historic building.

A detail to consider is the exclusive use of the location, which can slightly raise the cost, but can offer you the privilege of being “the hosts” during the day.

For catering, it ranges from a minimum of € 90-130 per person.

The quality of Italian food and wines is unparalleled, and is one of the most appreciated details of a Destination Wedding in Italy.

3- Flowers and photographs

As for the floral decorations and the photo shoot, the figure is around € 1500-2500 for both.

Also in this case we must consider the professionalism and reliability of the Italian professionals in this sector, who can guarantee you an excellent service.

These are just examples, but they are enough to give you an idea of how much a Destination Wedding in Italy can cost.

See how you can combine quality of service at a fair cost?

We hope, with this article, to have given you useful information and parameters from which to start to organize your destination wedding in Italy.

But the inspirations don’t end there, we have made a catalog with a selection of the most beautiful venues.

Download it for free and find out which is the perfect place in Italy to host your big day.

If, on the other hand, you are curious to have more information about the economic sustainability of your event and the average wedding cost of a destination wedding in Italy, contact us.

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