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The best wedding venues in Italy: discover our 5 proposals

The best wedding venues in Italy, can be different, it all depends on you and your needs. 

Choosing for you and our readers, the best wedding venues in Italy is too difficult and too inaccurate a choice; you cannot say, what are the top 5 or the top 10 or the top 3…the best place is for each couple.

This choice is absolutely personal and subjective, so in this article I will not tell you what is the perfect place for you, but I will propose 5 places that, will make you think, give you a different pintof view…or maybe not!!! 

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Best wedding venues in italy: step by step

Italy is known for its beauty, and its cities are rich in history and charm. 

These are just some of the reasons why foreign weddings in Italy are so popular.

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for your inspiration, you love Italy, and you like to surround yourself with beautiful things in life.

(can you see I’m Sharlok Holmes I also do sketches of my readers.)

As is often the case, the first step is to find out what are the best proposals for you, who want to plan wedding in Italy…

The promo step is: Finding the right wedding venue for you.

Planning is a succession of steps to be done in an orderly and sensible way, if you want to know more about how to proceed, well you should really read this blog.

But! today I decided to help you out by suggesting 5 wedding venues that range from the famous to the unconventional, so to put you on the spot a bit…just kidding! I just want you to have the most diverse options and not just the ones that most agencies promote!

Ready? Let’s start the walk through Italy.

Villa Gabrau

Villa Gabrau, a villa in the Tuscan countryside, is perfect for your next wedding or event. 

The property has been owned by the same family since it was built in 1824 and has been renovated to include modern amenities while still preserving its original charm.

The villa offers several rooms for rent: one of them includes an outdoor terrace with views of Florence; another has an indoor pool; yet another has a large garden with olive trees where you can host your ceremony or reception (or both!). 

There are also two more rooms that have private bathrooms but no kitchen facilities, perfect if you’re looking for something more intimate than what’s offered in the main house but don’t need any additional space.

Villa Gabrau also offers catering services from local restaurants in addition to providing table settings and linens so that everything is taken care of on your big day!

Tenuta Aritimino

Tenuta Aritimino is one of our favorite locations for weddings and ceremonies in Italy. 

The estate is located in the heart of Tuscany, just a few kilometers from Florence and Siena, and is surrounded by vineyards that produce the famous Chianti Classico DOCG. 

The venue was built by Count Marcello Simonetti in 1934 at the behest of his wife Anna Maria Riva di Lavizzari (Guglielmo Marconi’s sister).

Tenuta Artimino offers many services including: catering and bartender; free parking; reception hall with piano bar; large green area equipped with tables and chairs; dance floor under a pergola of climbing roses where you can plan the most romantic party of the year!

 Best wedding venues in Italy: Grand Hotel Convento Amalfi

Grand Hotel Convento Amalfi is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Amalfi Coast, surrounded by the most beautiful beaches and cliffs. The hotel was built in the early 1900s and has been completely renovated in 2016.

The hotel offers 60 rooms that can accommodate up to 100 guests, including 10 suites and one presidential suite, all with sea views.

In addition to being a great place for couples or families with children (there are several family rooms).

Grand Hotel Convento Amalfi also welcomes groups of friends who want to spend some quality time together in this unique location.

The hotel’s restaurant serves traditional Italian cuisine with local products from

 Amalfi Coast region such as mozzarella di bufala or pasta e fagioli (pasta with beans). 

You will also find fresh fish dishes such as grilled swordfish on their menu because this area is famous for its seafood cuisine!

Petrara Castle

Castello di Petrata, Relais Hotel, Restaurant and Spa, is perched among the lush green Umbrian hills and strategically located at 600 m above sea level, offering spectacular views of the cities of Assisi and Perugia and the Umbrian valley below, which extends to Spoleto. 

The property has 20 finely furnished classic-style rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people. 

The castle is an ancient 14th-century fortress that has recently been restored, and in fact has become one of the most sought-after locations in Umbria for weddings and refined events.

The manicured gardens are exceptionally beautiful, year-round. 

The cuisine offered at Castello di Petrata perfectly reflects the food and wine traditions of the Umbrian territory, and fresh handmade pasta is prepared daily. Thanks to the farm, which is part of the property, the Castle is proud to offer its guests food products “from farm to table,” not to mention a sophisticated wine cellar to satisfy most wine connoisseurs. 

Planning your dream wedding at Castello di Petrata in the warmth of an intimate and private atmosphere, nestled in an informal and spontaneous setting, is more than you could ask for! 

A unique place and an exclusive “corner of the world” where you can spend precious moments with your loved ones under the attentive and expert service of the staff. 

Monterone Castle one of the best wedding venues in Italy

Immersed in the green Umbrian countryside, and only a stone’s throw from the beautiful city of Perugia, the Castello di Monterone sits proudly on a hill overlooking the valley that lies between Perugia and Assisi.

This castle, dating back to 1200, has been called a ‘stone book’, thanks to the presence of a wide variety of ancient fragments set in its ancient walls, belonging to different periods, from the Etruscan period to the Roman age, from the Medieval period to the Renaissance. The location preserves the evocative atmosphere of the crenelated castle and the perfect backdrop for a romantic, fable-like wedding.

One of the numerous inscriptions present in the Castle seems to confirm the tradition that there was a connection to the Order of the Knights Templar.

Now the Castle is an elegant period residence with 18 splendid frescoed and richly decorated rooms, each one different from the other.

This charming Castle Hotel has just 18 rooms and can accommodate up to 39

sleeping places along with exclusive use of the swimming pool, magnificent grounds and gardens, small wellness area.

This location is indeed very evocative and romantic; the Castle is majestic and strong but at the same time welcoming and enfolding.

Hosting your wedding at Castello di Monterone will make you feel special and pampered thanks to the very high standard of service the location offers. The ambiance is one of refined elegance reminiscent of by- gone days.

The best wedding venues in Italy: how to choose

Choosing the best wedding venues in Italy  for your wedding is one of the most important and difficult challenges you face.

To plan a dream wedding in Italy, you first need to assess the type of party you want to have: 

Whether it is an informal or formal reception?

Then follow the practical issues related to budget and venue availability, as well as the relationship with spaces outside the building (parks, gardens). 

If you need to know where to start click HERE

Are you thinking that 5 wedding venues are not enough for you to figure out what’s right for you?

I budgeted for it, rest assured!!!

It seems obvious to me that for such an important choice, one cannot be satisfied with reading a few blog articles and tips scattered around the web.

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Having it could really turn your planning around.

best wedding venues in Italy

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