How to plan a wedding in Italy

How to plan a wedding in Italy: 5 best advices

How to plan a wedding in Italy? The first question destination brides and grooms ask themselves.

In this post you’ll read the 5 best tips for planning a wedding in Italy without making (serious) mistakes and minimizing anxiety and stress.

Are you ready? …Let’s go.

How to plan a wedding in Italy effectively.

Planning a wedding in Italy can seem like a mission impossible at first.

Anxiety and inexperience are to blame; I advise you to stay calm because it will be easier and more wonderful than you are imagining right now.

The first thing to do is to have the right references from which you can learn tips, advice and (real) inspirations that will help you get an overview of how to start planning a wedding in Italy.

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Planning, to be effective must be thought out rationally and methodically.

So get a planner or tool that allows you to get everything under control.

5 useful tips for wedding planning in Italy

We know very well that to plan a wedding you need all the support you can get, which is why, on our blog, we try to give you practical information on how to approach your planning.

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Now let’s proceed with the 5 tips we promised you already from the title of this article….

Find the right wedding venue for you

Finding the wedding venue is crucial, from there you define the whole wedding and the whole organization.

Spend time in choosing the wedding venue because it will be the starting point for everything, and if you make the right choice it will be the wedding venue that will give you a hand in organizing everything else.

For this very important choice, keep reading this article and at the end you will find a gift for you that will be really very useful.

Check the paperwork for the wedding

If you want a legally recognized marriage in Italy, you will have to check what documents you will have to submit.

The procedure is not the easiest ( but not impossible either), so we recommend that you engage a professional in Italy who can help you.

If you do not feel like getting into the bureaucratic path, you can always opt for a symbolic rite, where everything is much easier and you can handle everything as you like.

Moreover, in Italy you will find experienced celebrants who will make your “Yes I do” a unique moment.

To learn more about the wedding ceremony in Italy, click here.

Hosting your guest.

Thinking about the well-being of your guests is your duty so we recommend finding accommodations for them for at least 2 days.

When choosing the venue for the wedding check if within the venue you can also accommodate guests.

Another alternative is to find accommodations for them very close to the wedding venue.

This will not be a big problem, many wedding venues in Italy have the ability to accommodate guests; there are even entire villages that can be booked for a wedding experience immersed in the most authentic Italian style.

Consider other seasons

The favorite season for weddings is summer, followed by spring!

But I’ll give you a super tip…consider other seasons as well.

Italy has a mild climate so even in winter, if you get married by the sea or in the hills of Umbria, cold weather won’t be a problem.

Getting married in seasons like fall and winter will give you so many advantages such as you will have no problem finding the free date you want at the venue for the wedding of your dreams.

You will have all the vendors focused on you because they have less wedding and are less tired and can be even more top than they already would be in the summer season.

Plus budget, off-season weddings cost a little less and you can afford more things for the same amount of money invested (not a bad motivation).

Do the food and wine tasting.

Food and wine trials are provided for the bride and groom to choose the menu.

When you have everything organized, and have a clear idea of what to choose, plan a trip to Italy and come and test everything!

As for the wines, get advice from the sommelier it is wonderful to make a choice that perfectly matches the chosen dishes.

The amazing result will be guaranteed.

Locate an Italian wedding planner.

Last but not least advice is to hire an Italian wedding planner.

We have talked several times in this blog about the extraordinary advantages; first and foremost is her extensive knowledge of the geographical areas and the best suppliers.

You need a trusted person who is your eyes and voice in Italy and above all who looks after your interests.

How to plan a wedding in Italy?

Are you still asking yourself this question? Hopefully, the information I have just given you will help clear up some of your doubts.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!!! I or someone from my team will be happy to answer and help you.

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I decided to share it, because I think that brides who take the path of getting married in Italy should be supported and helped, because I think that sharing is the greatest resource that the web gives us.

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