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Book a wedding venue in Italy: timing and advice

Book wedding venue: what to consider  and how far in advance should you do it?

If you are wondering how far in advance to book your wedding venue in Italy and how to choose the right one for you, get comfortable, this article will help you understand how to proceed.

Planning a wedding is like preparing a perfect choreography.

Of all the steps to follow, one of the most crucial is booking the venue for the ceremony and reception.

But how far in advance should you do this and how should you make this important decision?

 Book wedding venue with perfect planning.

Planning and organisation are key to running a perfect wedding abroad (but also if you are getting married close to home).

The first thing to do, after choosing your wedding planner, is to focus your attention and energy on finding and booking the wedding venue that suits you best.

Here is a guide to help you plan ahead.

Book wedding venue at the right time

The timing for booking your wedding venue varies depending on several variables, including the popularity of the location, the season you want to get married and your degree of flexibility.

  • 12-18 months before: this is the ideal time if you have a popular wedding venue in mind or if you want to get married during peak wedding season months, such as spring or summer.
  • 9-12 months before: still a good time frame, but with a wider choice of locations than the most popular periods.
  • 6-9 months before: You may have less choice than the first two periods, but if you have a clear date in mind and are willing to make some concessions, you can still find great locations.
  • Less than 6 months before: It is still possible to plan a wedding, but you will need to be flexible in both the date and the choice of venue. If you are thinking of an unconventional wedding in off-the-beaten-track venues, you can do it with this timeframe!

Consider your style and book wedding venue

Your choice of venue should reflect your style and the mood of the wedding.

Do you want a casual beach ceremony or an elegant celebration in a historic villa, or do you dream of getting married in a vineyard? Make sure the location fits your concept.

The wedding venue must naturally be in accordance with your style and the idea you have for your wedding reception.

There are many variations to consider, but we have talked about them in our blog and we recommend you start reading about them HERE:

Logistical aspects plein to book your wedding venue

Think also about the logistical aspects. The venue should be easily accessible for guests.

Check that accommodation is nearby for those coming from far away.
Take into account the size of the wedding venue and the number of your guests.


Don’t forget the budget.

A venue can take up a significant part of your wedding budget, so plan accordingly.

Budget management is really important, especially in the first phase of planning.

Here you can find out how we do budget optimization.

Visit and contract

Before booking the wedding venue, plan a visit in person. This could be a wonderful opportunity to plan a relaxing trip to Italy before the big day.

If you choose a wedding planner agency you will have support in all stages of the search and you will only enjoy the beauty of choosing without stress.

The contractual part will also be assessed by your agency, should you choose to have one.
We at Dream On will check the contract with the venue (and also with all wedding suppliers) for you and make sure that everything goes according to the agreement.

This is a very important thing for the bride and groom because it relieves you of so many worries.

Book wedding venue: practical tips

Booking the wedding venue is one of the first choices you will have to make, but it is never too early to start thinking about this.

With careful planning, you can make sure you have the venue of your dreams for your special day.
Take all factors into consideration, from aesthetics to logistics.

The most important advice we feel we can give you is to keep an open mind.

Get an idea of the general mood and then let yourself be inspired and advised by professionals who know how to listen to you.

Now we give you a booster for this choice!!!

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