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Italian wedding venues: how to choose without mistakes

Let’s talk about Italian wedding venues and what you can give to choose the perfect one for you.

In my blog I often talk about Italian wedding venues…and no I am not a wedding venue owner (although I would like to be); I talk about it because I think it is an important point in wedding planning, especially if it is a destination wedding.

Italian wedding venues: what options do you have

First of all, to make an informed choice you need to know what your options are.

A very nice thing about Italy is that being a country rich in history and with a very varied landscape, the number of wedding venues you can choose from is truly endless.

Let’s start by saying that to choose the right wedding venue, you have to choose the mood of the wedding and the landscape you want as a backdrop.

In fact, the wedding venue must be perfectly in line with the mood of the wedding, otherwise the result will be chaotic and uncoordinated.

I thought I would suggest a few, here in this blog post.

I know very well that inspiration is that spark you look for so much and then it comes suddenly, from a photo or an ad, or a Pinterest profile, or even a blog post like this one.

So, here we are dreaming with a few wedding venues you can find in Italy.

A castle for a true love fairytale

The natural setting for a fairytale love story is a castle.

Whether medieval or Renaissance, our country abounds with castles full of enchantment!
This is particularly suitable for elegant and formal weddings.

Most fortresses are surrounded by lush parks and enchanting gardens, ideal for an outdoor summer banquet accompanied by a fairytale setting.

But that’s not all, a castle is also the ideal location for winter receptions thanks to its characteristic indoor halls full of charm and history.

 A period villa

Somewhere between a cottage and a period farmhouse, country estates from the 16th century and even earlier are not lacking in many regions of Italy.

Halls often decorated with precious paintings, spaces with perfect volumes, in short, inspiration will not be lacking in these venues.

The villa suits a style that is certainly chic and familiar, but also traditional and friendly at the same time.

Italian wedding venues: the uniqueness of a village

Italy is also the cradle of many now uninhabited villages, which over time have become the perfect setting for fairytale events that will catapult you into a surreal atmosphere.

These are locations for alternative weddings.

In fact, the villages are very small and within them you can find an old abbey, the remains of old workshops or catch a glimpse of old folk dwellings.

Their charm is different depending on the context: you can find historical, medieval, mountain, seaside villages… Choose them according to the mood of your wedding.

There are villages that have become widespread hotels where you can stay inside with your whole family and spend unforgettable days.

A masseria, an original choice

If you love white and the idea of a banquet in a courtyard, a masseria is one of the locations to put on your bucket list.

Most of these buildings are located in the countryside, perhaps next to a farm, but it is not uncommon to find them also on the coast such as in Puglia, Sicily and Irpinia.

Masserie are the ideal setting for romantic and shabby chic weddings.

 A farmhouse for events

The term ‘casale’ originated to indicate a distinctly rustic residence used as a country house.

Wonderful for outdoor banquets, where the surrounding nature blends in with the tables and arrangements.

It is also perfectly suited for receptions organised in the interior rooms where the rustic stone dominates in all its splendour, creating a tasteful contrast with the elegant decorations.

Italian wedding venues: choosing a relais

The atmosphere in a relais is sophisticated.

Relais can be located in the city centre or in the middle of nature.

They are modestly sized hotels, often family-run, where the owners have decided to focus on a sublime atmosphere and top-notch services in the organisation of events.

Italian wedding venues what you need to know to choose

I have already told you that the wedding venue must be in line with the mood you have chosen for your wedding.

To make it clearer: you cannot plan a country-style wedding in a historical mansion.
But mood is not the only parameter.

You will also have to take into account the season in which you are getting married, to understand whether it is preferable to organize an outdoor or indoor reception (Even if you are getting married in the middle of summer, I always recommend having a plan for rain).

The number of guests determines the size of the wedding venue.

You should know that if you choose a very large wedding venue and you have few guests, it will look like there is nobody at your wedding.

On the other hand, if you choose a very small venue and you have many guests, people will have no room to move around and the effect will be that of sardines in a can.

Another element that you should keep in mind is guest accommodation.

Find a venue that has accommodation within the wedding venue or nearby.
That way the experience for your guests will be pleasant and unforgettable.

Now with all this information you certainly have a lot of food for thought.

Don’t panic or think it’s a mission impossible… you can do it!

Brides have incredible resources and there is nothing in this world that can stop you.

I know this because I have been a bride and because I work with the most amazing brides in the world.

If you have any doubts about how to organise your wedding in Italy, ask me for all the information you need.

I can help you in many different ways… together we can understand what you really need…

Whether you need a complete organisation service or just a design service, or a coordination service… in short, there is always a solution.

I did it again I got lost and digressed…when I think of a bride with doubts my instinct is to find solutions and so I end up straying from the topic I am talking about.

Back to the Italian wedding venues….

Before you do anything and get lost in web searches (which you will do anyway), I give you a free catalogue where you will find a selection of Italian wedding venues.

I thought I would write it to help brides know their options and make the right choice.


You are entitled to the wedding you deserve without second thoughts.

This catalogue may not contain the venue for the wedding you eventually choose, but it will certainly help you to be an informed bride.

To get it on your device now, all you have to do is click the button below.

See you soon

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