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Destination wedding: how to organize your planning timeline

Plan a destination wedding with a well-organized timeline.

The secret (not so secret) to planning a hassle-free, stress-free destination wedding is to have good planning and follow a precise timeline.

Set priorities

The first priority in setting the timeline for a destination wedding is to choose the wedding planner.

The absolute first thing to do, when planning a destination wedding is to choose the wedding planner. 

It’s really hard to think of a destination wedding without a professional figure to coordinate everything and help you make a selection of vendors. 

Whether your wedding is with lots of guests or is an intimate wedding, the main advice is to have a wedding planner. 

This choice will be very important and will determine the success of the event and your level of stress. 

We do not want to scare you, but as you may have understood by reading our blog articles, we like to tell brides how things really are, without too many filters.

Choose the best wedding planner for your destination wedding

Returning to the choice of wedding planner, the ideal would be to find one in the country that will host the wedding. 

The reasons are several all very important and certainly to your advantage.

A local wedding planner knows very well the area and all the positive and negative aspects, so she can direct you towards the best choices for your needs. 

She knows the best suppliers, because she has a direct relationship and continuous and this also allows her to negotiate prices to the advantage of its customers (you).

She can perform for you tests and inspections very easily and without additional costs of travel.

There will be no other intermediaries between you and her.

In short, rule number 1 for planning a destination wedding (almost) stress-free is to invest in the wedding planner agency.

Make a choice without rushing

To make this choice, don’t be rushed or dazzled by the photos and glitter.

Take your time to choose, identify the agencies that meet your needs, ask for a video call to get to know each other (the first meeting is always free).

When you’ve found your perfect wedding planner, you’ll begin a wonderful journey toward wedding planning. 

Defining the timeline for a destination wedding

Let’s assume you’re planning your wedding 12 months before the date you’ve chosen.

12 months before the wedding

Choice wedding planner. On this topic, we just said the reasons why you need a professional to help you.

11 months before the wedding

Supplier selection 

With your agency you will have evaluated a selection of suppliers that suits your needs. The most important of which is identifying the wedding venue. 

 10 months before the wedding

Organize a trip to Italy to visit selected locations and meet with vendors. 

For destination weddings, it would always be good, for the bride and groom, to be able to come to Italy at least once before the wedding. 

Surely your wedding planner will help you make the right choices and with the help of technology such as video calls, 3d video interactive experiences the world seems closer.

But if we can give you some advice, plan to come and see for yourself to meet the vendors.

You can organize 3 days in which you come to Italy jammed appointments with suppliers.

8 months before the wedding

Start planning the design part of the wedding.

This is every bride’s favorite time. Color palettes, silk ribbons, flowers and candles…

4 months from the wedding

Guest list to organize accommodations and tranfert. At this point, your guest list should be almost final.

With your wedding planner, start planning in detail the guest transfers and accommodations. 

This topic is very important to the success of the wedding and we talked about it in depth in our previous blog article that you can find HERE.

2 months from the wedding

All the details are defined. By now the wedding is just around the corner and everything must be defined, so that suppliers confirm orders and they prepare for the big event. 

1 week to the wedding

When you are one week away from the wedding, you have to start letting things go and start !!! 

The advice we give you is to come to Italy at least a week before the W-day.

This way you will have time to do the makeup and hair test, maybe go to dinner at the place where you organized the welcome dinner.

If you ask your super wedding planner, she will also recommend relaxing activities to do like a nice SPA or a tour among the vineyards or a day on the boat (if you go by boat remember the sunscreen). 

The W- Day h3

The big day has arrived at this point it’s all about fun. 

You’ve come this far, you’ve made the right choices, you’ve put your trust in excellent professionals for each specific area. 

Now they will do the magic and you will be the star of the most beautiful day without any worries and stress. 

The wedding venue for a destination wedding

Since we told you that the wedding venue is the choice that determines all of the wedding planning, we have created a catalog of the most beautiful venues in Italy to help and inspire you in your decision. 

It’s a free resource that we provide, download it and keep it on your desktop. 

So when you want to dream and you’re ready to choose, you’ll know where to look!

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