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Wedding in Italy: how to organize the stay for guests in 5 steps

Organizing a wedding in Italy, let’s see how to organize stay for guests.

When organizing a wedding abroad and therefore also a wedding in Italy, you have to think about many things in addition to the wedding party.

Today we talk about how to go about organizing accommodation for guests.

This is a topic that is not discussed in detail, but we find it extremely important. 

Why organize the stay of guests for your wedding in Italy

Planning everything that revolves around wedding celebrations is very important. 

Managing everything as a big “command center” not only ensures that everything goes as you wish, but you will also avoid disgruntled or distressed guests.

Wedding in Italy: 5 steps to proceed in the organization of stays for guests without stress

Let’s now talk about practical things and see how to proceed to organize everything in the best way so that everyone can enjoy this magnificent experience without stress. 

When organizing a wedding in Italy, always keep in mind that you are proposing to your guests a 360-degree experience, full of emotions, feelings and wonders that they will carry with them for a long time. 

This is why you certainly can’t leave out their well-being in the days before and after the wedding. 

In our blog, we have covered several topics regarding the well-being of guests in a wedding in Italy, we suggest you start reading from HERE.


The wedding venue in Italy

The first thing to do when organizing a wedding in Italy and more generally a destination wedding, is to choose the wedding venue. 

This choice must be made first and is extremely important because from there, start the whole organizational machine. 

Once defined the location of the wedding, you will be able to proceed with the study of accommodation in the area. 

Tip: Keep in mind that in Italy many wedding venues have the ability to accommodate guests inside. This is a great solution to limit the movement.

Precisely because of the importance of this choice, we have developed a catalog with the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy.

So you will have a starting point to evaluate the perfect place to host your wedding.

We thought it would be nice to make this important resource available for free, so you can download it by clicking the button below. 

Define a perimeter to stay within

Now that you have all the tools to choose your wedding location you need to proceed in a technical and methodical way.

Take Google Maps and starting from the place of the wedding define a precise perimeter within which to stay. 

We advise you not to move too far away, complicated or too long movements stress the guests and make things a bit more complicated to manage.

Try to stay within a radius of 5 to 10 km.

Do a search for accommodations in zone

The web is our primary source of information, so make use of the most authoritative sites like AirB&B or Booking and start finding solutions that suit your needs in the area you’re interested in.

Take into consideration all the different options available to you.

  • Hotels,
  • Agritourism,
  • B&Bs,
  • even consider booking entire apartments.

Contact a local agency

One very important thing throughout wedding planning that you should always keep in mind is: ask for help when needed. 

If you need help in organizing your guests’ stay, contact a local agency.

Tip: We always advise you to contact local professionals, as in this case, because we know for sure that their knowledge of the area, and of the resources is always very extensive. They can offer you better options than those who are not local.

Send coordinates to your guests

When you have all the information organize everything in a precise and easy to consult way for your guests and share it with them.

It would be very nice if you had a small wedding website where you can share the information and that you can also use after the wedding as a “container” of photos and experiences.

Wedding in Italy is a wonderful journey

We know that planning a wedding in Italy takes time and dedication and above all knowledge.

We at Dream on Wedding agency, are specialized in planning and managing destination weddings and we know very well that a destination wedding has special rules to follow, that it is not just a wedding party but a full immersion experience to live with your loved ones. 

We try to give you all the support we can, so that your journey in organizing your wedding will be as beautiful as possible and if you need help, support and a professional, we are here to listen to your needs. 

While you’re doing all your thinking, download our free catalog with the most beautiful Wedding Venues in Italy and start with the most important choice. 

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