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Destination Wedding in Italy: 3 events in one

Planning a destination wedding means planning 3 events, find out what they are and how to organise them.

In this fascinating itinerary, we will explore the organisation of three main events that turn your destination wedding into an unforgettable fairytale.

Get ready for a journey through the timeless charm of foreign brides and grooms who choose Italy for their destination wedding!

 The 3 events to plan for a destination wedding.

A destination wedding is certainly a more involved event than a wedding close to home and usually lasts about 3 days.
It is usual to plan 3 separate events for guests, to make them feel comfortable and to spend as much time as possible all together to party.

The 3 events that are planned are: the welcome dinner the day before the wedding, the wedding party, and the breakfast or branch, the day after the wedding.

 The welcome dinner: a preview of the Italian dream

The wedding journey begins with a welcome dinner, an intimate occasion that welcomes guests in an informal setting.

Imagine a terrace overlooking Tuscan vineyards or a coastal garden illuminated by the light of sunset.

This event creates meaningful connections between guests, preparing them for the unique experience that awaits them.

The Wedding: an unforgettable day

The big day is a masterpiece that reflects the magic of Italy and the mood of the bride and groom.

Ancient villas, historic churches or enchanted beaches serve as the setting for your exchange of vows.

Delicious food, fine wine and enveloping music create a timeless atmosphere.

Consider customised elements, such as details related to your culture or a symbolic Italian ritual, to make this day truly unique.

 The farewell breakfast or brunch

After the wedding day, a farewell brunch or breakfast offers the opportunity to bring the experience to a festive close.

It could take place in an outdoor garden or in an elegant hall, depending on your style.

It is the perfect time to thank guests and share sweet memories before everyone embarks on their journey.

How to plan the perfect triple event for a destination wedding

How can you best plan these events?

Here are some tips for you:

  • Make sure each event reflects your style and overall wedding theme.
  • Choose venues that are both convenient and accessible for guests during all three events.Create an engaging anticipation through thematic invitations and pre-wedding updates.
  • Add personalised touches, such as welcome gifts or design details, that make each event unforgettable.
  • Collaborate with trusted local suppliers to ensure flawless planning.

The trio of events in your Italian destination wedding is not just a programme, but a journey.

With care, attention and love, you can turn every moment into a precious gem of your Italian dream.

If you need to know how to go about organising in a functional way, discover the perfect wedding checklist by clicking HERE

Among the most important tips we can give you is to plan logistics well.

Try to plan events in easily accessible locations that are close to the wedding venue and close to the guests’ accommodation.
There are wedding venues in Italy that can accommodate all 3 of your events, making you and your guests feel that you are always in different settings.

A wedding venue choice done really well will save you a lot of money, avoid a lot of stress and make everyone happier.

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