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How to create a perfect wedding outdoor seating area

After the wedding dinner, it is nice to continue the reception in an wedding outdoor seating area. During the summer, gardens and parks are in fact perfect for creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for guests. That way they can relax, chat and maybe sip something cool.
Furthermore, nature creates a truly suggestive setting, perfect as a backdrop for your most beautiful day. Think about it: in spring and summer the sunlit meadows, together with the colorful hues of the flowers, are a spectacle.
Here are 5 tips for creating a perfect seating area for an outdoor wedding reception.

1- Organize the spaces

The first thing to do is to evaluate the space available and make sure that there is room for everyone. In fact, guests must be free to move around the area and sit down for a chat in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.
In addition, given the pandemic period we are experiencing, it is necessary to pay attention to leave enough space between the various seats, in order to comply with current safety regulations.

The ideal is to divide the location into several micro areas, alternatin

  • Small sitting areas with sofas and armchairs, ideal for small groups
  • Chairs, perfect for those who want to rest a bit between a chat and another
2- Where do I put my drink?

Another fundamental thing to add to the set-up are the tables. Choose them both low, to be inserted between the sofas, and large ones, which will serve as a bar area where to place drinks.
In this way the guests can easily put down the empty glasses (without the inconvenience of having to hold them in their hands!) And everything will be more orderly. Speaking of drinks: better to include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones, so as to please everyone.

3- Comfort first of all

Guests will feel even more at ease if they are comfortable. The advice is therefore to fill the sitting rooms and chairs with soft cushions that invite you to relax. Another idea is to mount a mini gazebo with awning around the sofas and armchairs to shelter from the sun when it’s too hot.

The shades of the fabrics must agree with the colors you have chosen for the event and with the rest of the location. Alternatively, neutral shades such as white and beige are also fine, because they match with everything and create a sense of tranquility and harmony.

4- Take advantage of the location
To create a perfect wedding outdoor seating area  in the garden, you can also take advantage of the location, taking advantage of the beauty of every corner. Stairs, walls, fountains … everything can be perfect to help create the atmosphere!

The ideal would be to adorn the exterior with floral decorations, to also be used as a background for wedding photos. For an extra touch, the ideal is a location overlooking a spectacular view, such as a lake or a countryside landscape: it will leave everyone breathless!

5- Lighting

Finally, if the reception continues in the evening, there is nothing better than lighting the garden with lanterns and LED spotlights. These will glow in the dark, creating very suggestive chiaroscuro effects that you will surely like.
Depending on your taste, you can opt for white or yellow light; in any case, the effect will be magical!


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