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Intimate wedding, for a perfect wedding abroad

Intimate wedding is a growing trend: get the details and plan your intimate wedding in Italy. 

The intimate wedding is the perfect celebration for couples who do not like to be the centre of attention and who dream of an intimate wedding surrounded by their loved ones. 

An intimate ceremony brings many advantages both organizational and economic, lowering prices and splitting the budget in a very different and functional way. 

There is no time or money speculation, everything can be better managed and unforeseen events and misadventures are greatly reduced.

Couples who choose to have an intimate wedding abroad organise a real event with attention to every detail that goes beyond the wedding day.

Why choose an intimate wedding.

If you are a lover of fine details, if you want a wedding to be enjoyed over several days, if you are looking for a unique wedding experience for you and your guests: then an intimate wedding is your perfect option.

Here’s why you should choose an intimate wedding:

  • you will avoid events with hundreds of guests, risking not giving them the right attention;
  • you are sure to have a wedding that is superbly organised in every detail and less scattered;.
  • you will be able to manage your budget efficiently and you will be able to treat yourself to luxury, investing everything on exclusive and sophisticated materials, and on the happiness of your guests.

Wedding venues for intimate wedding. 

As mentioned above, an intimate ceremony with a small number of guests opens up a lot of choices when it comes to wedding venues. 

Your choice of location may really have no limits.

With a small number of guests, venues will have no problem handling the event. 

Choose a venue that has intimate rooms so that you don’t lose the intimacy of the celebration, to make sure that no one feels left out and that everyone is on your side.

Exclusivity a feature of your wedding

Finding a location to host your event will not be a problem.

This will allow you to opt for highly sought-after venues and your wedding will certainly be perceived as an exclusive event. 

Speaking of practical things, you will be able to choose much more expensive venues, as with only a few guests the bill will not be expensive. 

The details for an intimate wedding.

We talked about exclusivity and this will be the key word that will characterise your intimate wedding.

You will be able to choose incredible details tailor-made for each guest! 

Customised menus

The advantage of an intimate wedding also lies in the choice of menu, as you have more possibilities to pay more attention to the quality and needs of each guest, so you can customize the dishes for those with special needs.

 The intimate wedding becomes a real experience. 

Organizing a wedding with a few guests will allow you to plan an event that lasts several days and the wedding will not be just a one-night party. 

Plan an intimate wedding in Italy. 

If you decide to organize an intimate wedding in Italy, you will organize an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

You can organise many moments of sharing with your loved ones:

  • You will all stay in the same venue;
  • share lunches and dinners the days before and after the wedding;
  • you can organize guided tours and excursions to do together;

and why not, think about sharing a small holiday around Italy.

Everything will be very manageable and the planning will be hassle-free. 

Plan your wedding in Italy without stress.

Planning a wedding brings with it a percentage of stress… it’s physiological.

If you want this to happen as smoothly as possible, make sure you have your own wedding planning agency in Italy. 

This will be the greatest gift you can give yourself and you will be able to experience your wedding truly to the full. 

Start planning your intimate wedding in Italy now

I imagine that if you have read this far, the idea of an intimate destination wedding in Italy appeals to you. 

To help you get off to the right start, we provide you with the most incredible resource you can imagine. 

Download the free catalogue with wedding venues in Italy selected and tested directly by me and approved by couples. 

You will have with you, an important tool that will give you the basis for organizing a perfect wedding in Italy. 

For all other details you can ask me for a free consultation. 

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