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Stunning wedding in Italy: how to plan it best

Planning a stunning wedding in Italy is easier than you think.

Planning a stunning wedding in Italy is the goal of many brides who choose the Bel Paese to say “Yes I do”. 

We host so many weddings in Italy for brides and grooms who come from other countries, in fact we are among the most popular destinations in the world for foreign weddings; and we are very proud of that!!!

Beautiful weddings in Italy thanks to the experience of suppliers

The considerable number of weddings we organize each year gives us the opportunity to gain a lot of experience. 

We know your fears, doubts but also desires expectations and we know how to handle them and realize the wedding you dream of. 

In fact, you will find trained professionals who will know how to guide you all the way.

Of course not everything is perfect here in Italy, just like everywhere else in the world.

There are serious and very good professionals and we have those who pretend to be good and are instead improvised in the trade.

We have already covered this topic in our blog, you can find it HERE, we explain how to recognize a serious wedding professional to trust!

Going back to the vendor experience, believe me when I say that it is the greatest riches you have to aspire to if you want a beautiful wedding in Italy. 

Knowledge of the area, the venues and the most exclusive and special services are the real key to realizing an ambitious dream. 

How to organize a wonderful wedding in Italy

Now the question you’re asking yourself is:

“yes ok all very nice, but how do I organize this wedding? where should I start not to make a mistake?”

It’s quickly said…get comfortable and open the notes of your tablet to take notes (or put our blog among your favorite links to consult it as a super manual for weddings in Italy)

 The Venue.

I never get tired of saying it, the first thing you need to think about is finding the perfect venue for your wedding. 

The choice of venue determines all the other choices.

If you already have in mind the kind of weddings you want to plan, start looking for places that are in line with your idea. 

Don’t let yourself be distracted by anything else…surfing the web you will find so many proposals, you just go straight for it and don’t waste time evaluating places that are not in line with your plan. 

If it’s the perfect wedding venue you’re looking for, finish reading this article to the end, there’s a gift for you!

 A beautiful wedding in Italy needs to be comfortable.

Well yes, you need to keep in mind comfort for your guests!

Now you may ask: “Eleonora what does comfort have to do with a wedding??”

Let me explain.

Planning a wedding abroad follows very different logic and procedures from those organized in your city.

Among your priorities you will have to consider the well-being of your guests who will travel a long way to be with you on such an important day. 

For this reason, when planning the wedding you need to take care that your guests are not under stress, so you should: 

  • choose a place, which can be reached by the guests without too much stress, 
  • make sure you find accommodations for everyone nearby that are adequate, which you can suggest to guests,
  • think about possible tranfert,
  • organizing activities the day before the wedding or the day after, etc.

these are just a few examples of things to consider, based on your needs, to make the experience enjoyable for you your groom and your guests.

In short, make sure everyone is comfortable.

The vendors

A wedding is done with vendors!!!

This is a rule that we wedding planners know very well!!! 

I come back to the topic of suppliers because I want you to fully understand how important this aspect is and how much difference they can make to your wedding and your stress! 

A professional vendor solves problems not creates them!

A wedding does not have protagonists apart from the bride and groom, to make it happen you need to: 

  • be a team of vendors who communicate positively with each other,
  • always have a professional and proactive attitude (you find this only with real professionals),
  • make knowledge and experience available to everyone
  • have a common goal, that of achieving an unforgettable wedding.

These are basic requirements and I am sure with good research, you will be able to put together a winning team! 

My advice is to take your time to decide and evaluate all the options.

I know I know…

This work requires a considerable time investment…but when you are done it will be worth it!

Choosing a local wedding planner. 

Choosing a local wedding planner is without a doubt the wisest choice you can make!!! 

In Italy at this point in the story of the post, someone would say, “you put water to your mill” which means, you advertise, you bring the talk to benefit.

In truth, I am desperately objective in telling you this!!! 

I’ve seen a lot of struggling couples who, when they realized they couldn’t achieve their dream perfectly, called me to help them.

In some cases, thinking about all the details, choosing and analyzing every vendor, writing so many emails to make everything fit together can become stressful. 

If you then see, that after all the work, the result will not be as you wish at that point…call the wedding planner!!! 

It doesn’t matter if you choose me or not, I write blog articles to help couples realize their dream, I provide some of my experience to be a (hopefully) good help in a path that may seem complicated.

The important thing, the goal I have by writing this blog article for you, is for you to understand your options for having a beautiful wedding in Italy, to evaluate your time you have available and your planning skills, and for you to choose the path that works best for you!

If you decide to have a local wedding planner you will have a whole world at your disposal….

You will have on-site support that can help you handle any situation even the unforeseen ones. 

You will have two eyes, two hands two legs, one brain, extra.

Planning a wonderful wedding in Italy is possible.

“If you can dream it you can do it” said Walt Diney and it is!

If you wish to have a wedding here in Italy, you can have it and it will not be at all as difficult as you think. 

A beautiful nation ready to welcome you and your guests, famous for hospitality to all, professional and attentive to needs! 

What more could you ask for?

My advice: 

Choose your mood, surround yourself with people with whom you have affinity, close your eyes and dream!!! 

I promised you a gift!!! 

Every promise is a debt, we say!!! I told you that if you got to the end of this article I had a gift for you: 

Here it is!!!

Click the button below, download for free the catalog I made for brides looking for a special place to get married in Italy. 

A careful selection, born from direct experience of the places and designed for you who will experience the incredible feeling of getting married in Italy. 

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