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The wedding banquet :how to organise it perfectly

The wedding banquet is the moment of the wedding party, let’s see how to organise it at its best.

Defining the organisation of the wedding banquet is a very nice moment of planning. To make the best choice, you need to know what your options are.

There are several factors to take into account. First of all, there is your personal taste, then the number of guests, the type of guests and last (but not least) logistics.

The wedding banquet: the types you can choose from

In our previous article, which you can find by clicking HERE, we explained how the location is the first of the important choices for organising a perfect destination wedding, now let’s talk about the second important choice: the wedding banquet. 

Once you’ve chosen the venue, you need to think about how you’re going to entertain your guests and immerse them in a dreamy atmosphere. 

(While organising all these things, always keep in mind your happiness, your wishes and your dream. If it’s true that your guests are your priority, be careful not to make them the protagonists.)

Let’s take a look at all the options available to you for organising your wedding banquet. 

Plated lunch or dinner

This is the most characteristic type of traditional Italian reception. Staying within the strictest tradition, this type of banquet lasts for about 6 hours.

(this time is provided for by tradition but in many cases, to meet the wishes and needs of the bride and groom, the time can be reduced).

During this time, courses of the best Italian cuisine are alternated with moments of entertainment for the bride, groom and guests. 

The atmosphere created is truly unique and refined.

There are several tasting corners with typical products from the region where you will be, welcome aperitifs, main courses and finally the wedding cake.

There are 2 alternatives to choose from

  • have the entire menu served at the table
  • mix it up with the buffet formula for the starters and desserts and seated for the main courses.

The tables are carefully laid out in every detail, and in Italy the “mise en place” of the tables for wedding banquets is a true art. 

You will feel as if you are eating in a painting made of finely matched marvels and colours.

All in a wonderful setting that you will have chosen carefully!!!

Table types

You can choose between:

  • Elegant round or rectangular tables for up to 10 people or long imperial tables.
  •  Imperial tables are the very long tables that can seat many guests, depending on the space available

The choice will not be random, but will be determined by the mood of the wedding and the space available. 

The buffet formula

A less formal formula than the one we have just described. It involves lunch or dinner being served using a buffet structure. 

The characteristic of this type of wedding banquet is to have “themed areas” or food corners that are placed in a large space. 

Guests are free to walk around and choose what they prefer to eat; they will obviously be helped by the waiters who preside over the stations and explain the ingredients and preparations.

The buffet formula is preferred for open-air receptions with a large number of guests.

Our advice is not to forget to set up sitting areas in addition to the tables provided. 

Wedding brunch: also in Italy we use it as a type of wedding banquet.

This type of wedding banquet is not really typical of the Italian tradition, but we Italians love to welcome everyone and make everyone feel at home, so we try to adapt our tradition to all needs.

It is a reception held between 11.30 and 12.00. Guests can choose between sweet and savoury dishes. 

From croissants, to salami and cheese platters; from savoury pies, to small pastry; from fruit juices, to glasses of wine.

This option is very informal and is suitable for those who do not want to overdo it and prefer a friendly style. 

Warning: this style of wedding banquet is not synonymous with cheap and sloppy.The wedding venue will need to be superbly maintained and you will need to provide relaxing corners with sofas, cushions and anything else that matches the mood of the wedding. 

The wedding venue should be superbly maintained and you should provide relaxing corners with sofas, cushions and anything else that goes with the wedding mood. 

Wedding picnic: a new option for your wedding

This option is very unusual, but believe us when we say that it is really beautiful if you want to have a very special, creative and chic wedding at the same time. 

Obviously this type of banquet is suitable for outdoor weddings; a beautiful countryside, a country house or a farmhouse would be the perfect setting for the wedding picnic.

The idea of tablecloths on the ground with pillows and blankets can not only be rustic in style by using checked blankets and wicker baskets; it can also have a more chic and sophisticated style by opting for linen and cotton tablecloths, velvet pillows and crystal glasses.

Those who choose this type of wedding banquet usually have a “green soul” and want a reception in contact with nature and take great care in using organic materials. 

The wedding banquet is influenced by the type of wedding venue

As you can see, the style of the wedding banquet is definitely driven by the type of wedding venue you choose. 

Get an idea of the different wedding venues for your destination wedding in Italy.

Download the catalogue we have prepared for you.

It is a free resource that we have made available to brides like you, who are thinking of Italy as their destination wedding abroad. 

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