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Wedding ceremony for a perfect wedding abroad.

What type of wedding ceremony would be perfect for your wedding abroad? 

The wedding ceremony is an extremely important moment; you will look each other in the eye and exchange promises that you will keep for the rest of your life. 

I would say that given its importance, this choice should really be taken care of in every detail. 

 The symbolic ceremony in a wedding abroad.

When organizing a wedding abroad, the most popular choice for the bride and groom is a symbolic ceremony. 

This is a very wise choice as, as well as being able to celebrate it anywhere and with extreme freedom of organisation, it avoids a bureaucratic process of documents. 

This is why in this article we will focus on the different and most evocative symbolic rites that you can organise for your wedding in Italy.

Candle Rite

In this symbolic ceremony, also known as the rite of light, each of the couple holds up a lit candle and a larger one is lit in the middle to symbolise the union of the two souls for eternity. 

The smaller ones can then be extinguished or left lit. 

You can insert one of the most famous texts to accompany this rite or you can use a phrase from your favourite book or film or even write the text yourself.

The wine ceremony

Another symbol of the union of two souls – or of blood, given the colour of the wine.

To celebrate the wine ceremony, you will need an empty decanter and two bottles of wine. During the ceremony, the couple will pour part of the two bottles into the decanter as a symbol of eternal union. 

Another way to celebrate this symbolic rite is to choose two different types of wine, one white and one red, to represent the bride and groom. 

The two wines of different colours are then poured into the decanter and joined together, symbolising the union of the bride and groom. 

In the case of the first type of rite, the bride and groom can also toast together with their witnesses by filling four or more glasses of wine after the ceremony.

Tip: If you are planning your wedding in Italy, wine could very well be the wedding theme.

The wedding ceremony of the tree of life.

This is a rite that takes its symbolic value from the tree of life. 

During or immediately after the ceremony, the bride and groom must plant a tree together, symbolising growth, care, dedication, patience and a willingness to look after each other.

 In short, a tree that will grow and strengthen together with their marriage. 

Tip: Choose a small plant so that it is easy to transport with a flowerpot to the venue; that it can be easily placed on the altar of the ceremony and that you can safely take home with you.

Handflasting wedding ceremony

The Handflasting ritual, also known as the ritual of the bound hands, is inspired by the Celtic and Wiccan tradition of marriage. 

It represents the union of the souls of the bride and groom and is fully customisable. 

The couple’s hands are crossed and tied together with three coloured ribbons, symbolising their families of origin and their newly formed families.

They can be braided by the celebrant, the best man or yourself.

The wedding ceremony: advice from the wedding planner.

The emotion you feel at the moment of the wedding ceremony is one of the most important in the lives of people who choose this path in life. 

If you want to organise your perfect ceremony in Italy you could really consider many options.

My advice is to go step by step and build your perfect ceremony in line with your wishes, your style and the style of the wedding venue. 

First of all choose your wedding venue and find the perfect place for your ceremony. 

Make sure that the location has a suitable place for the ceremony, the things you need to take into account should be: 

  • A beautiful natural backdrop (think photographs). If you have a beautiful natural backdrop you can simply provide a setting with an arch, perhaps half-naked without using too many flowers and a table, antique and handmade where you can put all the accessories for the type of ceremony you choose. 
  • Let it be in a comfortable position: make sure that the whole area you are interested in is a plane. Otherwise both you and your guests will be uncomfortable.
  • Check the position: when you go to give the site inspection, ask what time the sun is in the area dedicated to the celebration of the rite. Depending on the time you want to get married, you will know if it is sunny or shady. I always recommend checking the exposition in the golden hour.

You can find my personal and concrete contribution to help you in this choice in the catalogue that you can download for free by clicking the button below. 

An incredible selection of perfect wedding venues in Italy 

I’ve spent countless hours with my team to realize this, but I think if it helps you, it will be worth it. 

If you need support, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME.

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