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Wedding color: where to find inspiration?

When organizing your wedding one aspect to consider is the choice of wedding color. It seems obvious, but it is the key element that will be the theme of the event. Deciding where to find inspiration for the color of your wedding is therefore important because it will allow you to begin “setting the stage” for your big day.


 Wedding Color – What to get inspired by? 


The options are plentiful; a valid advice is always not to be excessively influenced by the outside, but to always choose according to your tastes. Here is a simple guide with some ideas on where to find inspiration for your wedding day color.

Before starting…

The first thing to do is decide whether to focus on a single color or for a palette. The second option is the most advisable one, as it allows you to make everything less monotonous.

But be careful not to make a rather common mistake. In fact, it often happens that you have a precise wedding color in mind, but you find yourself giving rather vague indications to the various suppliers. The result is that a “pastel wisteria” is declined in ten different ways on napkins, decorations and ribbons, frustrating any effort.

The best thing to do is therefore to provide everyone with a sample of the exact color you need, while avoiding images, which can be misleading. This way all suppliers will have a color swatch and your wedding will be exactly that shade.

Where to get inspired?

But let’s go back to the first question. Choosing where to find inspiration for the color of your wedding is fun, because it gives you the opportunity to be creative. Everything can become a source of inspiration, and the best thing is that the chosen shade will speak for you as a couple. Here are some suggestions.


If you have already chosen the location for your wedding day, surely this will already have its own color palette (think, for example, of the building or the interiors). The suggestion is to opt for complementary shades that can go well with the existing ones.

Similarly, if you decide to organize a Destination wedding, you could be inspired by the country where you are going to celebrate your big day. In this way you will also have a “geographical” theme around which to rotate the event, which will make everything extremely original.


Another source of inspiration is fashion. For example, for 2021 the trendy shades will be pastel colors (pink, light blue, lilac …), which can be declined on flowers, decorations and bridesmaids’ dresses.

A wedding that follows the trends will certainly appeal to all couples who do not want to go unnoticed, but the advice is of course to choose trendy colors only if you really like them, otherwise the result will never satisfy you.

Its own Story 

Being inspired by the two of you as a couple is a decidedly strong choice. For example, you could opt for shades that recall a trip you have made, or reproduce the color of objects that tell your story.

In this case, however, the suggestion is not to be excessively extravagant, as not all the guests might appreciate a fluorescent green!


Finally, let’s move on to the more classic choice, which never goes out of fashion. In fact, flowers are the decoration of weddings par excellence and, on their own, a vast palette to inspire you.

The advice is therefore to combine two or three shades between those of the seasonal flowers. The result will be extremely chic!

If you are looking for inspiration for your wedding color follow our pinterest profile or download our guide to learn more.

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