Wedding in Italy cost

Wedding in Italy cost: find out what you need to know

 What are the Wedding in italy cost? we answer the most important question that newlyweds ask themselves.

Our experience in destination weddings in Italy allows us to divide the bride and groom into 2 strands:

  • those who believe it is very expensive and therefore out of their budget;
  • those who believe they can have a complete wedding with just a few pennies.

Let’s say that both statements can be considered inaccurate.

If you are smart and prepare well, you will find exceptional value for money in Italy.

Prices change from location to location, the time of year you decide to get married and personal preferences.

Wedding in italy cost: how best to plan

Do you know what a standard quote includes?

What comes as standard are stunning locations, delicious cuisine, extraordinary wines and fabulous service!
If you ask for a generic quote, this is what is usually included.

But my advice is never to ask for random, generic quotes… they are misleading.

Wedding in Italy cost: ask for quotes to get an idea

Shooting requests for quotes everywhere is not a good idea.

If you send 100 requests to venues that do not interest you or for services that you do not know how to organise, getting quotes made on the wrong concepts will mislead you about the real costs.

Make a study of what you are interested in and ask for quotes that are as accurate and realistic as possible.

In the initial planning phase, we recommend that you get 3 to 5 quotes at most from the main suppliers.

This will give you a more or less realistic idea of the options available in the location where you want to get married.

Keep in mind that the number of guests will be a determining factor in setting the quote, so make a (rough) guest list to get a better idea.

 Wedding in Italy costs: you can get married wherever you want with strategic choices.

Italy is a perfect place to get married, but with so much choice it is sometimes difficult to choose the perfect venue.

What is the perfect venue for me and is it within my budget?

Here is a question you have most probably asked yourself.

Let me give you some advice….

First of all, think about what atmosphere you want at your wedding, imagine the mood, the colours…start with this image in your head.

The truth is that you can get married anywhere you want from Tuscany to the lakes, or in the hills of Umbria, from Puglia to the Amalfi coast.

We allocate the budget to essential services once you have found the venue of your dreams.

One very smart thing to do to get everything you want and stay within your budget could be to deseasonalise your wedding.

Instead of choosing periods where all Italians want to get married, opt for more strategic but equally wonderful times.

Late ceremonies, for example, are better and autumn is beautiful, as well as a great time for food and low season occasions.

Wedding in Italy cost: Booking local suppliers saves you money.

Booking local suppliers saves you money is a very smart choice, because in addition to saving on out-of-pocket expenses such as
√ travel
√moving materials, etc.

Choosing local suppliers also allows you to increase the quality of your products and have better support in case of unforeseen events.

Rest assured if at this point you are thinking

‘I’ll never make it’…

you will make it and you will be great!

Another very smart move you can make is to hire an Italian wedding planner.

Her knowledge will give you an edge and help you.

There are many services you can access and choose from, we show you some of them HERE

Wedding costs in Italy: the main ones and the secondary ones.

Among the most relevant costs are :

  • Wedding venue,
  • catering,
  • fittings (hire, flower design, stationary etc)
  • accommodation for guests (if you decide to pay for them)
  • travel
  • photographer,
  • outfits for the bride and groom;
  • and last but not least the wedding planner.
  • Bride’s look…

Then there are costs that are ‘smaller’ but that you have to put in your budget.

Here are some examples:

  • For ‘legal’ weddings, there are costs for the procedures to produce the documents and obtain the authorisations from the Italian state and the bride and groom’s home state.
  • The SIAE is a music licence required for both live music and DJs, you will have to apply for it (or the wedding planner may apply for it for you) before the wedding – the cost is low you don’t have to worry but you should know what it is and that you have to pay it.
  • Vat, which in Italy is called VAT, is the tax on things and services you use on Italian territory (as there are in all states of the world). Many of the quotes that suppliers will send you will be without tax. So you will have to add a percentage for taxes to that price.
    Ask your supplier to specify the cost including VAT.

These are examples of costs you have to keep in mind.

You should not panic because they will only take up a small part of your budget, but I want you to be well prepared so that you can organize your wedding consciously.

Expert advice for managing Wedding in Italy cost

Keeping costs under control might be difficult, but if you start off organised you won’t have any major problems.

Prepare exc files where you mark down services, suppliers and costs.

If you like something a lot, don’t be too hesitant to book it and fix the price so it locks in and cannot change as the months go by.

Save the dates for the busiest professionals such as the photographer.

Rely on an experienced destination wedding planner, their support will reduce your worries by 1/3 and allow you to enjoy the most beautiful part of the planning.

Choose for yourself to lower your stress level and enjoy this wonderful adventure.

Choose the perfect wedding venue for you and start managing costs.

The choice of wedding venue not only determines the style of the wedding, but also has an important bearing on costs.

I have prepared for destination brides and grooms, who want to get married in Italy, a very accurate catalogue with wedding venues.

Download it for free by clicking the button below.

You will find different wedding venues, so you can assess what suits your taste;
√ you will get an overview of your options in Italy;
√ you will be able to understand what you really need.

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