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Getting married in italy and helping guests with a tour of the region

Today we are talking about how to get married in Italy by helping your guests to organize a tour of the region that hosts you. 

Getting married in Italy does not only mean organizing the wedding (as we have already said in our articles already published), but it also means taking special care of your guests. 

Let’s continue with the blog articles that help you to organize a perfect desitnation wedding in Italy not leaving out anything. If you missed our advice we recommend you start reading from HERE.

Getting married in Italy thinking about everything.

Thinking about the welfare of guests, beyond the wedding party is certainly a kind gesture and synonymous with great care and sensitivity. 

A very nice thing would be to help them organize a tour of the region that hosts you. 

Tour of the region.Exploring the Italian region that hosted your wedding has several positive aspects:

  • it will also allow your guests to learn about characteristics of the area and what makes it special (why you chose one region over another)
  • they won’t have to think about a time-consuming and difficult move, because they are already there
  • they can all go together without stress.

Tip on how to organize the tour

There are several things you can do to make suggestions, like real travel agents, to your guests.

One very smart thing you can do is consult the specialized tourist guides on the Italian region in which you want to organize the tour or look for travel blogs where on talk about the region you are interested in.

Write down the most important and beautiful things you think your guests might be interested in.

Travel Agency

If you want to make big things and also take care of reservations then we suggest you to contact a travel agency that supports you in this.

Always choose a local agency, they know the area best, have the best suppliers and enjoy crazy discounts! 

Always remember to exploit the resources of the region that hosts you, the advantages are many! 

Share the information

Once you have gathered all the information you need on travel, accommodations, organized tours, and places to visit…share the information with your guests. 


A very nice and functional idea is to start a small wedding website. On line there are many templates and it is very easy and in most cases it is free. 

For example on WIX  you can find some very nice ones, but if you search the web you will find a lot of material.

There are numerous web platforms that offer this service with beautiful and easy-to-use templates even for the less experienced in digital graphics.

In the site you can devote a page just to all the suggestions for visiting the region where you will get married. 

Your guests will really appreciate the attention you give them. 

Prepare presentation slides

Another very nice thing you can do is a nice presentation where you can put all the info  and send them by email or messaging programs.


If you are not a master of digital graphics, you can make it with Canva for example, a useful and intuitive tool and the result will be very professional and beautiful. 

In short getting married in italy is a 360 degrees experience for you and your guests, do not miss the opportunity to live it to the fullest. 

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