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Wedding in Italy in Autumn

Let’s talk about destination weddings in Italy in particular the magic of weddings in Autumn.

Italy is not only the country of art, archaeology and good food.

Italy is also colours of the seasons, scents and suggestions.

Each season paints a picture on landscapes, the games of colors, the traditions of the territory, and the scents of nature become a real emotional experience for those who have the soul predisposed to appreciate them.

Autumn in particular is truly beautiful, the landscapes are tinged with the colours of the earth: red, orange, yellow, green…

In addition to beauty (autumn is a particularly romantic season and we love it, if you haven’t guessed) there are some very valid reasons for choosing autumn as the period to get married in Italy.

Getting married in Italy in autumn: the advantages

At this time of year there are several advantages that you should take into consideration before making your choice.

Some people rule it out, because they think there is a higher probability of having a rainy day at their wedding, someone else thinks that the only nice season to get married is summer, there are even those ,who think they should give up an outdoor wedding.

Let us say that these are false beliefs.

The climate

In autumn in Italy the climate is mild, there are sunny days but without the sticky heat of summer (which makes you sweat and makes your make-up shiny).
The likelihood of rain is no greater than with a summer wedding (especially in recent years).

Suppliers of your wedding in Italy

The suppliers are a little less busy (because many couples want to get married in the summer) and can give you even more attention than they normally would.

The staff working on the wedding will also be less tired and you will have a better service.


In autumn, colours are amazing, intense and meaningful.

You can have a truly WoW effect colour palette.

Nature will be so absolutely colourful that you won’t need much effort to make your setting unique and special.

The costs for a wedding in Italy

On a more practical note, with an autumn wedding in Italy, your budget will also thank you.

Air prices, hotel prices and service prices are lower because we are no longer in high season.

Having more money to do more things isn’t a bad idea either.

We believe that Italy is beautiful in every season, but we like to show you everything from a different perspective.

If you are looking for interesting ideas for an extraordinary wedding in Italy, we suggest you start HERE

If we can give you suggestions you hadn’t thought of and can help you realise your dream, that’s top for us.

That’s why we’ve decided to publish a catalogue with a selection of venues that we’ve created through our experience and the many tests we’ve carried out over the years.

We are making it available to you free of charge because we think that information should be for everyone.

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