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Wedding in Spoleto – between art and culture

Spoleto is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Umbria, and perhaps our favorite one.

If you are looking for an exclusive location, surrounded by art and culture, you cannot fail to evaluate the idea of ​​a wedding in Spoleto.

A medieval citadel built on a sloping hill surrounded by ancient walls. Spoleto should be explored, crossing the winding streets that cross it and which rise steeply from the village, a pedestrian area for strolling with numerous boutiques, until you discover the Cathedral: an architectural masterpiece.

The already exceptional Romanesque structure underwent an important intervention in the Renaissance period, with the construction of the loggia and the restoration of the interiors, assuming the appearance it has preserved to this day, also contains important frescoes and Baroque works, a true example of stratifications of artwork.

Climbing further along the steep and narrow streets of Spoleto you arrive at the imposing Rocca Albornoziana, a fortress located on the top of the Sant’Elia hill overlooking Spoleto, and the famous Ponte delle Torri, symbol of the city, an impressive aqueduct from the Roman that guaranteed the water supply to the city by feeding the numerous fountains. It stands on a cliff that separates Spoleto from Monteluco and is an aqueduct of surprising dimensions for the time in which it was built (230 meters long by 70 meters high).

For couples who decide to celebrate their wedding in Spoleto, there are many views and possibilities, in fact this city is not only an open-air museum, but also a lively and dynamic town, always full of new initiatives of great cultural depth.

Spoleto, the “Italian Bayreaut”, in the summer hosts the famous Festival dei due Mondi, which was conceived in 1958 by the director Gian Carlo Menotti in order to bring together the cultures of the Old and the New World, with  great artists from the world of dance, theater, and art. A great cultural and artistic center of the area, the city contains an impressive quantity of works from antiquity to the contemporary era, thanks to the convergence every year of artists of international caliber who donate works of art to the city.                                                Also of Spoleto Hermann Hesse wrote: “The most beautiful discovery I have made in Italy”.

The best time to celebrate your wedding in Spoleto is from April to October.

Given the exceptional beauty of this “all uphill” city, we recommend setting the wedding on one of the beautiful terraces of the historic buildings of the city, to enjoy an exceptional view of the surrounding valleys full of olive groves.

Civil Wedding in Spoleto

For couples who have decided to celebrate a civil wedding, Spoleto offers a very suggestive Town Hall for a wonderful wedding in Spoleto.

Located in a delightful secluded square, it is ideal for reserved couples looking for an intimate celebration.

The room where the ceremonies are performed is the “Pinacoteca”, beautiful and welcoming, with ancient paintings in the center of Spoleto. You are invited to customize the ceremony that will be performed by the Mayor and accompanied by readings, music and personal vows.

In addition to the Town Hall, the city of Spoleto offers the possibility of celebrating a civil wedding in some of its most prestigious historic homes.

Catholic wedding in Spoleto

Spoleto is a very ancient city with settlements that date back to prehistoric times, then it was Romanized, and its history is as rich in events as its architecture.

For those who intend to have a religious wedding in Spoleto, there is only the embarrassment of choice.

In fact, Spoleto boasts churches that are masterpieces of many eras, for example: the Church of Sant’Eufemia, a 10th century circular basilica building is one of the most important examples of Romanesque architecture.

Or the Basilica of S. Salvatore, a Unesco World Heritage Site included in the list of “The Lombards in Italy.

“The Places of Power (568-774 AD)” an exceptional building for the classical Roman language.

Moving a little from the city it is also possible to get married in some of the chapels inserted in the manor villas still consecrated, or to find splendid churches in the surrounding countryside, up to the marvelous Trevi or Campello sul Clitunno; or in one of the monasteries of the Spoleto Apennines.


In short, what are you waiting for to organize a fantastic wedding in Spoleto between art and culture?

For information, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for extraordinary locations suitable for your wedding in Spoleto, visit our website.


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