Wedding Services for your wedding in Italy - Dream On Destination wedding planner in Italy

Wedding Services for your wedding in Italy

Services needed for a successful wedding.

Wedding services are an aspect that should not be underestimated, the selection and quality of a service can make the difference between an extraordinary wedding and a disaster!

I don’t want to scare you by talking about disasters, but I also can’t give the massage that “whatever happens, it will be a success”.

Having a flawless wedding means that you have made the right choices and thought of everything… really everything.

Wedding services: the ones that make the difference.

If you are planning a destination wedding, the first, most important and indispensable service you need to think about is the wedding planner.

I know now you are thinking that because I am a wedding planner, I want to explain to you how important my job is!

In reality I don’t want to convince you of this for a commercial return; my aim is to explain you why a planning and coordination service is essential for you.

Then you will choose the wedding planner that best suits your way of being and your aesthetic taste… and that will be fine!

The important thing is that you know that having one makes the difference between a perfect or an imperfect wedding! .

Wedding services tailor-made for you

Every wedding is a unique project just as every bride and groom are unique people.

This means that for every need there is a suitable type of service, you just have to find out what yours is.

 Full service

Let’s start with the full service, turnkey wedding is certainly the most relevant service, especially for those doing a destination wedding.

You will benefit from the wedding planner’s skills, knowledge and network of suppliers.

She will take care of all the technical aspects and make sure that the whole organised machine works perfectly.

This does not mean that you will have nothing to do though….

While it is true that a wedding planning agency takes care of all the technical aspects, it is also true that all the indications of how you want your wedding to look will have to come from you and together you will choose the best way forward.

In short, with a full service you will ensure that you take care of the most enjoyable part of the planning.

Partial wedding service

This service is mainly for couples who have already started the planning and organisation process.

This service offers support in completing and implementing all the other aspects of planning the event that the bride and groom are unable to attend to.

The Partial Wedding Planning service allows you to be in charge of the planning process and at the same time have an expert guide to help you avoid any mistakes.

Wedding day management service

This service is designed for couples who want a professional presence on their wedding day.

If you have organised the whole wedding but don’t want any problems and want to enjoy your special day, this is the service for you!

You will have a professional who will coordinate the whole wedding organisation machine and make sure that everything you have planned and organised comes together perfectly.

Wedding design service

If you have chosen to organise your wedding yourself because you are a super-organised and super-efficient bride, you can choose this service.

This will help you to achieve a flawless result in terms of aesthetics as well, you can consider delegating to professionals the service of planning and setting up the entire wedding design.

This service usually includes:

  • Graphic / aesthetic research;
  • Inspections;
  • Feasibility study;
  • And economic proposal for the creation of a customized design project.

Budget optimisation.

Not everyone thinks about this service, many don’t even know it exists, but it is very important and they want to talk to you about it.

Budget management is a thorny topic for all couples in the world.

No matter how big or small your budget is, the problem is managing it.

This service helps you assess your priorities and direct your budget towards what you really need and want.

Knowing how to optimize your budget saves you a lot of money that you can reinvest in getting the details you want.

Wedding services & Dream on.

As you know, I am the founder of Dream On, a wedding planning agency. For years I have dedicated myself almost exclusively to destination weddings in Italy and this has given me a very wide experience on the topic.

When I thought about the kind of wedding planning services I could offer my brides and grooms, I was certainly advised by my experience but also a little by my heart.

I closed my eyes and thought:

“if I were a bride getting married far away from home, what would I find in my host country? What help would really take my mind off my worries?”

This is how the menu of services that I offer to brides and grooms was born.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve been a guest on my blog, so you’ve been virtually a guest in my home…(we Italians are famous for our hospitality) so I can’t imagine letting you go empty-handed.

Click on the link below, I’ll gift you the catalogue with the wedding locations that I have personally selected and tested in many years of experience.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and above all that it will be useful for organising your wedding in Italy!

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