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Wedding table setting for your wedding in Italy

Wedding table setting: how to design it for a perfect wedding in Italy.

Wedding table settings are one of my favourite design topics! 

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that everything design is my biggest passion. 

We (me and my team) always spend many hours working on each couple’s project to find the perfect combination of wedding mood, wedding location and bride and groom’s expectations. 

This makes us really happy and we always try to pass this happiness on to the bride and groom.

The creative part of the wedding is the most exciting and setting the wedding table is undoubtedly a creative phase of the project. 

So get comfortable and let’s start explaining the key points that make this design so important. 

How to design a wedding table setting 

A beautiful table setting and a final result that will make you daydream requires the involvement of as many professionals and suppliers as there are details to take care of.

Tablecloths, plates, cutlery and centrepieces are all elements which, when well combined, create a unique and welcoming environment.

Whether it is a restaurant, an event location or a wedding picnic in a meadow, you should never underestimate the importance of a well-set table.

From idea to project

You always start with an idea, or a wish, and then let your imagination guide you, get inspired and arrive at the final result. 

When designing a table setting, we do a lot of testing, experimenting with shapes, colours, fabrics and geometries. 

We start from the idea and then continue like explorers in search of the perfect combination that enhances the style and harmonises with the wedding venue. 

Constant updating and training

We never stop learning, and this also applies to us wedding professionals. 

Fashions, trends and innovations run fast even for the wedding industry. [Although weddings are full of ancient traditions, celebrating them is a matter of fashion, and we must always live up to the bride and groom’s expectations]. 

New trends, new shapes, colours and materials, we study everything in detail and then as a whole, to design the final effect we want to achieve. 

The setting of the wedding table should always be contextualised

The mise en place (French style) or Setting Table must always be contextualised because it must enhance the space that hosts it. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be left to chance. 

The design project must accompany and be inspired by the wedding location. 

Colours, perspectives and materials must match each other to create the magic of a painting. 

Every tiny detail, although it may seem insignificant, has its own weight in the design. 

Let’s take a practical example: 

Many times the bride and groom play down the importance of the table cloth. The most frequent thought is to choose the colour and the rest… everything is fine! 

This is absolutely not the case: a white tablecloth is not simply a white tablecloth.

The texture, for example, can change the entire final effect of the table setting.

See how important it is to know every little aspect to create a perfect table setting?

Creating a moodboard for wedding table setting

We create and study the moodboard of the event right from the start.

Starting with the definition of the style and the choice of colours, we create impeccable and original table settings for the bride and groom.

 Wedding table setting in Umbria.

Regular readers know that I (Eleonora) am from Umbria – if you want to get to know me a bit more click HERE

I love my region and I make wedding design my reason for living (together with my 2 children and my husband). 

I always find great inspiration and peace in the colours and architecture of my region of birth.

Organising a design project, which certainly includes the wedding table settings, in a wedding venue in Umbria is a great joy for me and for many brides and grooms a unique experience. 

It often happens that after the wedding I keep in touch with my brides and grooms, and once the working relationship between us is over, we find ourselves telling each other about the wedding from our own points of view…I am always moved to see how much emotion there is in their eyes and in their words when, with their minds fixed on the wedding day, they tell me how much they loved that detail, how they did not expect a final effect so WOW

Back to us…I got lost in my love for the bride and groom for a moment.

In Umbria, design projects are tinged with meaning, they are deep and always very different from each other. 

Wedding table setting and wedding venue in Umbria

There are truly unique wedding venues that allow you to range over many styles and truly evoke the strongest emotions. 

The colours of the earth, of the meadows, of our rolling hills.

The landscapes are always beautiful and the land meets the sky on the horizon, at that point our design project becomes “just” a touch-up to a bigger show (think of the great responsibility we have).

 Italian manufacturing

In this beautiful region, handicrafts and ancient traditions, products entirely made in Italy, are a true way of life.

You will be able to choose the most authentic and special products Italy has to offer, and you will have them at your fingertips without having to bring them from far away. 

All you need to do is know the right craftsman… or ask us, we know lots of the right craftsmen! 

A gift for you

I’m leaving you a catalogue that I created with my team with a bride like you in mind, who has read this article.

I imagine you curious, full of ideas and looking for your perfect wedding inspiration. 

You can download it in peace, it’s completely free.

I have created it to help you, but above all to inspire you and make you dream as you deserve! 

See you soon...

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