Wedding venues in Umbria Italy: plan your experience - Dream on wedding destination in Italy

Wedding venues in Umbria Italy: plan your experience

Let’s talk about interesting tips for your wedding in a Wedding venues in Umbria, Italy.

There are endless places to choose to get married but if you are looking for an unconventional Wedding venue, you should really consider Umbria.

Why choose Wedding venues in Umbria Italy.

We have already talked about this wonderful region in our blog article:

Wedding venues in Italy: Umbria, your unconventional destination

We are very attached to this region because this is where we live, we have our ties with the territory and people (although we are nomads in the soul and we travel, we organize weddings and have strong ties, with people, places and suppliers throughout Italy).

A region in the center of Italy that will give you the opportunity to organize and move in absolute freedom and without stress. 

In Umbria you will find the true Italian lifestyle!

You will be in contact with ancient traditions while enjoying modern comforts.

Geographically it is very strategic, with a very high quality of products and wonderful places.

Wedding venues in Umbria Italy

Umbria is a crossroads of cultures, styles and traditions. 

For this reason you can find really different settings for your wedding.


Medieval castles, always suggestive and imposing perfect for weddings with many guests or for intimate wedding. 

If you dream a castle in Italy with a breathtaking view in Umbria you can make it happen. 

Country houses

Thanks to the strong link with the territory and the policies of enhancement, you can think of getting married in a beautiful old farmhouse. 

There are ancient farmhouses perfectly restored, they give you the emotions of an ancient place with modern comforts. 

Outdoor dinners, with furniture in line with the style of the farmhouse and rows of lights. 

Nothing more romantic and Italian. 

Historical houses

The history of our country is vast and has seen the passage of many cultures and many architectural styles. 

Being a land of passage has also given us beautiful historic houses, made of fine Italian craftsmanship, contaminated by different styles. 

Getting married in a historic house has an incredible charm; a real choice of style.


One of the most typical venues in Italy are farmhouses! Unique places where simplicity, never taken for granted, becomes the real distinctive element.

It suits brides with country soul and a chic vision. 

Long tables under the olive trees, conviviality and the scent of lavender; this is how a wedding in a farmhouse could be.

Plan your experience.

Getting married in Umbria can become a true 360 degree experience. In addition to the wedding party, you can plan for yourself, your husband and your guests to experience the territory.

Food and wine tasting

You can organize tasting tours of typical Umbrian products.
The culinary tradition of this region will leave you speechless, from simple raw materials you propose truly extraordinary dishes. Even the wines of this region don’t joke about taste!

Horseback riding.

You can think about organizing some beautiful horse riding, surrounded by nature and why not with a beautiful and tasty plus sic final.

A tour of the region.

If you are a born traveler, and you love to visit places then the tour of the region is the right solution for you.
You can get help from experts in the field to make a real tour visiting the most striking attractions that offers this beautiful region.

In short, you can make your wedding in Italy a real emotional, sensory and cultural experience.

These that we’ve proposed are just a few of the many possibilities you have by organizing your wedding in a Wedding venues in Umbria Italy.

If you have any questions and want to know if this option is perfect for your wedding, contact us HERE.

In the meantime you can download for free the catalog of Wedding Venues that we have created for you. 

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