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What is the best period to get married in Italy?

The best period to get married in Italy, is certainly the one you choose.

Let’s talk about the best period to get married in Italy and start to dispel some unhelpful beliefs.

I’m sure many people have told you that getting married in Italy between spring and summer is the most appropriate and right choice.

In fact, I cannot blame those who say that Italy at that time is beautiful.

All nature shines, parties can be given outdoors, and breathtaking wedding settings are sought.

But the truth is that the same thing, I could say about autumn and winter.

The best period to get married in Italy.

Italy is a nation surrounded by the sea, which means our climate is temperate.

We don’t have extremely harsh winters (unless you decide to get married in the Alps between December and January) nor do we have hot summers.

So if you are basing your choice of time to get married in Italy according to the climate…you may not worry about that.

 Choose the best period to get married in Italy according to your taste.

Choosing the period to get married in Italy, should be based almost exclusively on your idea of marriage.

The season, of course, helps to enhance the mood of the wedding and determines so many things like the choice of flowers on the menu, and the color palette.

Therefore, it’s all about choosing the atmosphere you want to recreate at your wedding.

Now let’s see together some suggestions and some pros and cons for each season.

The wedding in Italy in Spring

Spring is beautiful you know…we all come out of winter “hibernation” and feel like being outdoors.

In this period, outdoor weddings can be organized with arrangements of hanging lights, large imperial tables on the lawns.

However, we need to remember that, it will surely get a little cool in the evening, and rain may pop up even if uninvited.

For this reason, consider carefully whether it is already time to organize a completely outdoor wedding or still ensure a good plan B.

Summer wedding

The most popular season of all is summer. Great sunshine, possibility to extend the wedding stay with a nice vacation in a seaside resort in Italy.

Weddings are almost all held outdoors with elegant and dreamy settings.
The air is warm the days long.

It’s ideal for celebrating a wedding…but there are some caveats to think about.

Vendors are all super busy (because everyone wants to get married in Italy), wedding venues have busy dates, especially for weekends, and you risk having to settle.

To get the best from everyone and not have to settle, you can think about getting married on a day during the week,, choose a wedding venue that is more sought after and reserved; maybe a beautiful villa in the hills of Umbria.
And you’ll have your summer wedding In Italy

Wedding in Autumn

Romantic amber colors and striking scenery is what an autumn wedding in Italy is all about.

The colors of the earth, sunsets of a thousand shades from red to purple, think of a wedding in a vineyard or a villa overlooking the hills.

The autumn wedding is sophisticated and refined

There is good that you are not in high season so hotels and airline flights definitely cost less than in summer.

Consider a wedding venue that has a beautiful indoor hall or greenhouse where you can hold your reception.
But it will still be possible to hold it outside in a nice garden as well, because the mild weather will allow you to do so.

Be careful to plan your schedule well especially for photos! The golden hour will definitely be early.

We have talked about it here

Winter wedding in italy

Who said that winter weddings are less beautiful than summer weddings?

They have a special charm, are special in their arrangements and if well managed can be truly unique.

If you close your eyes you can imagine a facility in the mountains maybe with some snow set up with powder blue, gold and silver.

Or a wedding with a Christmas mood, candles, red velvet and Christmas trees!

The good thing is that the wedding would be held in the indoor hall so you are not tied to weather.
The guests can be accommodated inside the wedding venue so there is no travel to arrange.

The best period to get married in Italy.

The best season will be the one I would choose, it will be the season that perfectly matches your tastes and needs.

Don’t be influenced by others plan your wedding and make it unique.

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