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5 Tips to organize a wedding

To organize a wedding

there are so many aspects to consider and it is not easy to keep up with everything. In addition to choosing the location and selecting the various suppliers, it is also important to ask yourself a few essential questions:

How long before start designing?

What do we want?

And what do others expect?

…and it could go on indefinitely! Don’t worry: although the road that leads to your most beautiful day may seem like a jungle, the good news is that you just need to follow a few tips to have a clearer idea and move in the right direction.

Here are five tips for planning a wedding, perfect for both a grand style wedding and a more intimate ceremmony:


1- Planning the budget

The first question to ask is “How much do we want to spend?”. This will already give you an idea on how to move and avoid nasty surprises.

One more tip is to think not only about the total budget, but to divide the fees for each single aspect of the event, so that you already know about what would do you like to investing the most. A wedding planner can help you in this regard, because she knows the prices of the various suppliers and can suggest the ones that best suit your needs.


2- Planning in time the event

A wedding certainly doesn’t take place in two days. The advice is therefore to start thinking at least a year before in advance about how you would like the event, in order to have all the time necessary to search for the location and other details.


3- Think of you… and others as well!

It’s about your day, so everything it will have to reflect your personality. No pompous celebrations if you are reserved, or vice versa too modest things if you like to be in the spotlight. in fact, there is nothing worse than a ceremony where everyone gets awkward, spouses in the first place.

Instead, think about your story and look for details that can personalize you event ( a theme, aspects that reminds you and your interest…) At the same time, however, remember to make this day magical for your loved ones.

It is known that not everyone has the same tastes and therefore the goal is to create an event that you tell about and that creates an atmosphere of conviviality for those who will participate. For example, you can think of a play area if there are small children, organize the movements of the guests…


4- Inquire

The “jungle of weddings” we mentioned above is full of proposals and ideas, and finding your way around is not always easy. A good idea is not to settle for the first things you see, but to continue looking for and asking for quotes in order to have a wide range of solutions to choose from.

Another suggestion is to be creative: often the most original ideas come from the future spouses!


5- Look at the weather forecast!

It is known , wet bride, lucky bride, but not everyone likes getting married on a rainy day. However, the weather is not controlled, and it is better to have a plan B beforehand if the day is not really sunny.

For example, you can see if there is a way to move indoors if you have an outdoor ceremony planned, or provide umbrellas for all guests. The event will still be a success!

Choose the best for you and let an expert organize your wedding down to the smallest detail, don’t worry about anything and .. enjoy your party!!


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