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Bridesmaids’ dress: how to integrate it into the wedding style.

The bridesmaids’ dress is a key scenic element. 

The bridesmaids have an important role in the whole event and their look must be in tune with the mood of the wedding.

 The role of the bridesmaids

The bridesmaids have a more than operational role in the organisation of the wedding. 

They almost always accompany the bride to choose her dress.

They also have the hard task of planning the most important pre-wedding party for the bride: the hen party.

They have to come up with the idea, organise it and carry it out without the bride noticing.

The bride usually chooses her bridesmaids among her most trusted friends and if they agree they will be involved in the planning of the whole wedding. 

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The bridesmaids’ dress

It’s indisputable ! The bridesmaids’ dress must reflect and match the style of the wedding!

You can tell the bridesmaids what colour they should wear and whether you want the dress to be long or short, leaving them free to choose what they feel most comfortable in.

But that way you risk them choosing similar colours, but different ones that clash.

They might choose fabrics and models that are too different unless they go to the same shop and find a trained and helpful saleswoman.

The fabric of the bridesmaids’ dresses

The fabric is the most important detail; every fabric is different and putting too many different fabrics together would lose the harmony of the whole.

Finding a dress for the bridesmaids that is the same or at least perfectly matched is not too difficult a task. 

By now there are specialized shops all over the world.

My advice is to start by looking at shops that have dresses in the style you have in mind. 

Look for them in a place that is easy for your bridesmaids to reach.

Who will pay for the  dresses?

Assuming that they will probably never wear that dress again, the bride should pay for it.

You can’t ask for a financial effort beyond their means, it wouldn’t be polite to put them in trouble! 

In fact, even if they are wealthy, it is not elegant to ask them to buy a dress that they have not chosen themselves.

Therefore, I advise you to pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

The bridesmaids’ dress in style with the mood of the wedding and the colour palette. 

When thinking about the bridesmaids’ dresses, you can refer to the colour palette you have chosen for the wedding. 

You have two main options:

  •  Choose dresses of the same colour for all of them, in which case you can opt for slightly different models that are the exact same colour, fabric and style. (The possibility of choosing different models is important, each girl has her own physicality so we have to think about enhancing it so that she feels beautiful and at ease).
  • Choose dresses in different colours but in gradation. You can think of having dresses with colour gradations that are in perfect harmony with each other and pick up on the shades of the colours you have chosen for the wedding

 The bride’s duties towards her bridesmaids

It is strongly recommended that the bride gives her bridesmaids a gift. 

The dress cannot be considered the gift! (if that’s what you were thinking)

Remember not to make it too difficult for them with tasks or particularly difficult requests (such as hen parties that are too far away, or too much involvement and therefore too much commitment in the organisation of the wedding…).

Do not exaggerate with requests that require them to make significant financial efforts, not everyone has the same possibilities and it is not nice for anyone to find themselves having to face difficult expenses to which they find it hard to say No.

The bridesmaids should be as honoured and enthusiastic about being at your side as you are! 

Wedding planner’s advice…

I know there are a lot of choices when it comes to weddings, but I’m sure you’ll find useful resources to consult and if you feel you’re in trouble, ask for professional help. 

If you’re thinking about what to share with your bridesmaids, offer them a night to talk about what your wedding venue should look like. 

Talking to people you trust is an invaluable help. 

In this regard, I would like to give you and your bridesmaids a gift. 

A catalogue of the most beautiful places in Italy to have your destination wedding. 

I have chosen and tested them personally so I can give you advice if you need it. 

Download it for free and if you want, have your bridesmaids download it so you can talk about it together! 

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