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Wedding in Italy: discover Italian traditions for an authentic ceremony

Wedding in Italy has a number of very interesting traditions, find out what they mean and choose which ones to include in your wedding

Wedding in Italy is a celebration that unites two people and their families, but also a social and cultural event of great importance.

Wedding traditions in Italy go back centuries and are rooted in the country’s history and culture.

In this blog post, we will explore the main Italian wedding traditions, their origins and significance.


Wedding in Italy: the most important traditions.

If I wanted to list all the traditions involved in a wedding in Italy, I would not have enough space on the hosting of this website.

Weddings here are particularly heartfelt events, and each geographic area adds its own list of traditions.

A bride no longer expect to follow them all…you might go crazy.

If you are a super discerning bride who wants an Italian Style wedding, then you should know the most important traditions and choose which of them you want to include in your wedding.

Choose based on their historical and cultural significance and based on the rituals that you like and that best suit your style.

Now I thought I would suggest you most “famous” traditions to have a perfect Italian-style wedding.

Rice throwing

One of the most well-known Italian wedding traditions is the throwing of rice on the newly married couple.

This tradition has ancient origins and dates back to Roman times, who used to throw grain on the couple to wish them fertility and prosperity.

Over time, wheat was replaced by rice and the tradition has spread throughout the world.

I’m pretty sure this tradition is there in your country, but I wanted to include it in the list of Italian traditions, because I think it’s a very beautiful moment and I also wanted to tell you why rice is thrown at the bride and groom, mi so that you can choose it consciously

Wedding in Italy: The church ceremony

Many Italian couples choose to have their wedding ceremony in church, as the Catholic religion has a strong presence in the country.

The Catholic wedding ceremony has ancient roots and dates back to Roman times, when marriage was considered a sacred rite.

Over time, the ceremony has undergone several evolutions and adaptations, but it has always maintained strong ties to the Catholic tradition.

For foreign newlyweds, it is absolutely possible to have a religious wedding in Italy without major problems.

If you want a religious wedding, I advise you to move in time so that you can submit the necessary documents.

The cutting of the wedding cake

Another Italian wedding tradition is the cutting of the wedding cake.

The Italian wedding cake generally has several layers and is often decorated with flowers, fruit, and other ornaments.

Although now the wedding cake can take on absolutely customized and internationally inspired shapes and colors. Pastry chefs are really ready to meet all kinds of requests.

The cutting of the wedding cake is a highly anticipated moment of marriage, as it represents the first symbolic gesture made by the couple as husband and wife.

The origin of this tradition is unclear, but it is thought to have been imported to Italy from England in the 18th century

 The serenade for a perfect wedding in Italy.

The “serenata” is an Italian wedding tradition that has its origins in the South.

It is a musical serenade that the couple’s friends and relatives arrange for them during the wedding night.

The tradition dates back to when suitors would serenade their beloved under the windows of their homes, but over time it has evolved into a musical evening of celebration.

 The wedding favor

The wedding favor is a gift that the couple gives to their guests as a token of appreciation for their presence at the wedding.

The wedding favor is usually a small item, such as a box of chocolates or a keychain, that is given as a gift to the ceremony participants.

The origin of this tradition dates back to Roman times, when nobles offered their guests small gold objects as a symbol of blessing.

In many countries especially Anglo-Saxon countries it is customary to give guests something to eat, such as cookies or small cakes.

It would be very nice to combine both traditions by thinking of giving your guests something to eat but that is typically Italian. You can give a bottle of oil, or wine so that when, back home they open it, they will toast to you!

The wedding shoe

Another Italian wedding tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages is that of the wedding shoe.

During the wedding, the bride must wear a new shoe and leave the old one on the doorstep of her and her husband’s home.

The shoe represents the transition from one life to another and the abandonment of old habits to embrace a new life together.

 The bride’s veil.

The veil is another important traditional element of Italian marriage.

In the past, it was believed that the veil could protect the bride from evil spirits and the evil eye.

Today, the veil is mainly seen as an aesthetic and symbolic element, representing the bride’s purity and virginity.

In conclusion, Italian wedding traditions are rooted in the country’s history and culture and are an important part of Italian social and family life.

Wedding in Italy: the expert’s advice.

When you choose a country other than your own to get married, a very special magic happens.

Two or more cultures come together to generate a truly unique event.

The bride and groom bring a part of their culture and tradition; the Italy that welcomes you provides its traditions, habits, customs and customs, from which you can draw inspiration and be contaminated.

When this magic happens, the event is always spectacular.

It is enriched by the best that each has to offer.

If you are planning your wedding in Italy, I advise you to have your mantle always open and to welcome whatever different and equal you will find.

My practical tips for perfect organization are:

  • Calculate you right timing for the documents if you want a religious or civil wedding.
  • Choose some of your country’s traditions to follow and if you want to add some Italian traditions, don’t think you can follow too many directions, you’ll go crazy!
  • Make your wedding an extension of you and choose only the things you really believe in.

If you need guidance in this wonderful journey you will find me HERE ready to suggest, solve and lighten your work.

Now go ahead and start dreaming…do it by choosing the best wedding venue you could wish for.

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