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The secret to plan a perfect wedding abroad

 A perfect wedding abroad is planned according to a precise method; perfection is not by chance but the result of study and a job well done.

Are you a demanding bride looking for the perfect wedding in a country that is not your own?

Settle down on your sofa, you are about to learn the basics of planning a perfect wedding abroad.

Let’s talk about the perfect wedding abroad, how to plan it and what are the most important elements to look out for.

“Brides need clear, sensible and useful information to understand and plan their wedding”, this is what a bride I met a few months ago said to me, sharing her frustration at always finding fragmented and sometimes inconclusive information on the web.

Hence the idea of summarising in a practical way the basics, known to us professionals in the sector, on wedding planning.

As you know, Dream On is a wedding agency specialising in foreign couples who choose Italy for their wedding.

Well, we base our planning on the main elements, and then go on to refine the planning on the details.

If you are curious, you can find out how we work by clicking HERE (link to how we work page).

Let us see how we proceed

The elements for planning a perfect wedding abroad.

As we have just said, perfect planning is based on fundamental elements from which to start.

Once you have chosen the main suppliers and services, you can devote yourself to implementing the details.

You will have to work as if you were building a pyramid, a wide and strong base to reach all the way to the top with a sharp and well-defined top.

 The 5 main elements for planning the perfect wedding abroad.

I have defined the 5 core elements from which to build your pyramid and they are:




My dear, the news of the day is: there is no wedding without planning!

For you, this means: look around and choose a person who can really help you plan this wedding.

The advice is to choose a wedding planner agency in Italy, the advantages are endless.

The most important one, I think, is that you will always have eyes watching for you on the ground!

Having an Italian wedding planner means being physically present at the wedding venue, at the ceremony venue, and someone who speaks the same language as your suppliers.

Yes, I know, you are thinking about the language barriers you might have with the wedding planner from another country….

Let me explain:

Agencies specializing in destination weddings are made up of people who speak your language, a good agency, always has one or more native speakers on its staff; so if you rely on real professionals, there will be neither communication problems nor speed in exchanging information.

Yes I know that too, you are worrying about the time difference or the way of exchanging information with the agency….

I’m guessing?

I am not Hermione Granger, but I know my job and especially the brides!

To give you an example of a specialised agency team, let me introduce you to my staff, click here and find out who we are .

So, Step 1, plan ahead and find your “alterego” in Italy.


The wedding venue comes immediately after the planning, it is among the suppliers the most important one, also because it takes the biggest part of your budget.

If you have chosen step 1 well, you will have someone to suggest a (short) list of wedding venues perfect for you and your budget.

In Italy, choosing a wedding venue is a beautiful journey; you have all the possible choices, from a castle to a country house. You can choose from breathtaking views, from the sea to the hills…

If you want to learn more about how to choose a wedding venue; start HERE  and find out everything you need to know about this topic on our blog.

Spoiler: keep reading this article, at the end you will find a gift for you, just about choosing the perfect wedding venue.


The ceremony is a very important moment and must take your full attention when planning it.

The first question you will have to answer is: What kind of ceremony do I want?

Religious, civil, symbolic?

Depending on what you choose, you will have to start planning.

For a civil or religious ceremony you start with the paperwork; at the same time you decide where to organise it.

Here are some quick tips for each type of ceremony:

Religious: choose the place of worship close to the wedding venue (unless you can celebrate directly at the wedding venue)

Civil: Check all the facilities made available to celebrate a civil wedding in the city where you are getting married.
Ask the owner of the wedding venue if they are qualified to hold a civil wedding at the venue.

Symbolic: Choose a special, evocative corner within the wedding venue and choose the type of symbolic ceremony that suits you best.


The reception is the celebration of happiness!

Make sure you have good food and good wine (in Italy, you only have to choose), design with your wedding planner a relaxing, cosy and elegant atmosphere to give your guests an unparalleled wedding experience.

If you want a typically Italian reception, know that you will have to plan for a long meal.

When choosing your menu, I advise you to opt for simple dishes that are typical of your venue and in season.

This will guarantee you the best possible food, at a lower cost.


The most creative part is here, coming in fifth position.

Now take a deep breath and dream as much as you can!

Together with your wedding design, work out the best solutions to enhance the beauty of your chosen wedding venue and combine it with your personal taste and the style you want to give the wedding.

Design is a matter of not insignificant details that will make the difference! .

Choose carefully, take your time and rely on the advice of the designer.

How to go about planning the design in detail, we explain HERE.

Perfect wedding abroad: how to proceed step by step.

The “step by step” technique works and allows you not to make mistakes and above all not to have to go back on decisions already made.

These we have seen are the 5 pillars at the base of your pyramid from here, you will then have to choose other services and other suppliers according to your taste, needs and budget.

If I have to give you advice on how to structure the “second floor” of your pyramid, I would say go ahead with:

  • photographer and videographer
  • entertainment
  • bridal services (make-up and hairdressing).

I hope these tips give you a solid foundation from which to start on your bridal journey, if you have any questions you can find me and my team here.

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And now…I help you choose the perfect wedding venue!

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see you soon…

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