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Last minute wedding in Italy: how to organize it

Organizing a last minute wedding in Italy, can it be done?

Today we answer this question, which is asked by all brides who

  • can’t wait a minute longer to say Yes I do
  • feel like planning an elopement in Italy
  • want a wedding in Italy, without too many complications and without having to plan too long in advance.

If your greatest desire is to plan a romantic getaway to Italy and say “Yes I do” at the venue of your dreams, this post is written for you.

How to plan a last minute wedding in Italy.

To plan a wedding in a short time in Italy you will need 3 basic things:

  • Clear ideas (you need to know what you want)
  • Elasticity (you need an open mind and flexibility about organization)
  • A specialized wedding planning agency.

The first thing to do is to define the budget, this is a crucial step to speed up the time and define the type of wedding.

Last minute wedding with clear ideas

If you have clear ideas about what you want you are already well ahead in the organization, this will allow you to automatically discard what is not in your plan.

You will have an incredible advantage on the time factor!

Have an open mind

Having open views and evaluating options dynamically will be one of the characteristics that will bring you may advantage.
This way you will be able to see where others do not see and not miss any opportunities.

If you work with an open mind to all possibilities, you will be able to achieve the wedding you desire with complete peace of mind.

Last minute wedding with a specialized wedding planner.

Having a wedding professional to help you with planning is your trump card!

Her knowledge of vendors will get you the best options in a very short time.

A wedding planner’s knowledge, will save you time and a lot of money.
To learn more about this topic, I recommend you read our blog post:

Wedding planner in Italy: why it is important to have one

You can rely on your wedding planning agency for every need and every request and you will be sure that the whole wedding will run smoothly.

There are different kinds of wedding planning services that you can choose from, you just need to figure out the one that best suits your needs.

Last minute wedding in Italy at the perfect wedding venue.

The first thing to choose and book is the wedding venue.

From this choice the whole wedding develops!!!

Wedding planner tips: the best way to find date availability, at the wedding venue you will fall in love with, is to choose a midweek day.

Forget weekends; on a weekday you’ll have a great chance of finding availability at your perfect wedding venue, without giving anything up.

Choose a venue that has the ability to arrange overnight stays for your guests as well, so the package will be complete and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Last minute wedding with looks of the bride and groom, perfect.

As you spend the first few days of planning, looking for the perfect agency for you, start looking at ateliers for the bride and groom’s outfits.

To save time you might choose the same atelier to dress the bride and groom.

Ask to see the collections of dresses they have in stock. Or ask to see dresses they can make in a time that is just right for your needs.

Don’t look at wedding dresses that they can’t deliver on time; you don’t even have to try them on lest you be disappointed.

Give yourself to shopping

Once you have determined the basics of organization, in the weeks leading up to the wedding go shopping.

  • choose the wedding rings;
  • purchase accessories (shoes, veil, etc.);
  • schedule a menu tasting;
  • put wedding favor ideas down on paper.
  • reason about the honeymoon (best to rely on an agency).

Come to Italy a few days before the wedding.

One very useful thing is to arrive in Italy a few days before the wedding.

You will use these days to:

  • debrief with your wedding planner,
  • work out small details,
  • settle in with the venue,
  • rehearse the with make-up artist and hair stylist.

Book a nice relaxing beauty trail to look forward to your wedding day, eating, drinking good Italian wine and relaxing with beautiful walks.

A last-minute wedding in Italy is possible and you can even plan it without stress.

Now a gift for you!

If you have read this far, you are probably thinking about having a wedding in Italy without doing a lot of planning.

As we said a few lines above, the first choice to make is the wedding venue.

Download the catalog I have designed for brides who choose Italy as their wedding destination.

Just click the button below and you’ll have on your device, a reliable selection of wedding venues in Italy, with all the information you may need.

If you need support in making your last-minute wedding plans; I accept the challenge!!!

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I am waiting for you

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