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Destination wedding in italy: How to organize a perfect welcome dinner

A destination wedding in Italy is not just an event.

When organizing a destination wedding there are many aspects that need to be organized and you must always keep in mind the wellbeing of the guests.

Why have a Welcome dinner

A very common custom is to organize a welcome dinner the night before the wedding. It is a way to thank guests for coming and to create an intimate and fun moment with family and friends.

How to organize the welcome dinner for your destination wedding in italy

To organize the perfect welcome dinner, you will have to keep in mind some very important details, here are the most important ones we feel like suggesting to you

Tips from wedding planner

  • Do not organize it too far from the wedding location (your guests may be tired and not want to go too far)
  • Pay attention to the timing. The dinner should not be too late because the next day is the wedding and everyone, especially the bride, must have a good rest.
  • Organize an informal party, very free…think about the formalities for the wedding.
  • Choose something typical of the territory that hosts you.

What you can organize for the welcome dinner

You can organize different things for your dinner before the wedding, it depends on your taste and what is around the wedding location.

Pizza party

You can organize a pizza party, a tasting of different types of pizza for your guests. Add some bruschetta with typical regional products and don’t forget a good glass of wine. The result is assured

Aperitif with dinner.

If you like the bubbles of sparkling wine, you can organize an aperitif that also includes some typical food of the area where you are. You can drink a good glass of Italian sparkling wine, some cocktails and gossip about the next day’s event! This is an informal and chic solution.


Since Italy is famous for its regional cuisines, nothing better than organizing a tasting of typical products accompanied by a good wine. Cheeses, salami and traditional dishes will make your welcome dinner unforgettable. The inspirations can be so many, just ask and you will find what’s right for you in Italy. In our blog, we often talk about inspirations and useful tips, you can start reading from HERE Download our free guide of the most beautiful places where to organize a perfect wedding destination in Italy.    

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