Exclusive Italy wedding planner

Exclusive Italy wedding planner: what does she do?

Exclusive Italy wedding planner  your winning card for an unforgettable wedding in Italy.

Today we choose to talk to you about a topic very dear to us: the role of a wedding panner.

We may sound self referential but that is not our goal!

(but if you choose us, because you think we are your perfect solution, for our style and expertise, we will be happy to work on your project).

A Exclusive Italy wedding planner can really make a difference in your wedding planning, now let’s see why.

Exclusive Italy wedding planner:why choose her.

Having a wedding planner in Italy will put a positive spin on your organization.

You will certainly be super organized and know what you want for your wedding.

You will have already started looking around browsing Pinterest images and building your inspiration files and bulletin boards with reminders of styles you like.

How do you accomplish all this perfectly in a foreign country?

You engage someone who has all the right contacts, knowledge and skills to be your eyes and hands in a faraway country, in our case Italy.

An exclusive wedding planner can get you everything you need.

Does that sound like little ? 

Believe me, it is not!

Choosing the right suppliers and getting to know them personally to get the best is the most complicated part of wedding planning.

Perhaps it is the most delicate stage when you need good and competent support.

Exclusive Italy wedding planner: what is exclusive about it?

What does Exclusive wedding planner mean? 

The concept of exclusive can be declined in many ways but what we think is the most important one is that this wedding planner agency will have to guarantee you an exclusive wedding.

Exclusive does not necessarily mean expensive and lavish, exclusive to us at Dream on Wedding means “built exclusively for you.”

There is nothing more sought after than being able to have a wedding that is your extension as style. The design should be an exaltation of who you are.

Exclusive for me is synonymous with personal, intimate, sought after. 

The design of an exclusive wedding.

The design project is among the most beautiful and engaging things to do for your wedding.

To ensure the exclusivity of your wedding, it is a job we do together.

You will tell us your idea, show us your moodboard, and together we will build a design exactly in your style.

When we are done, my collaborators and I will study the best suppliers who can help us realize your dream.

We’ll select them, contact them, and get the best economic quotes to give you the best value for your money.

We have already talked in this blog about Wedding Budget and Costs in Italy, click here  to read the article.

How a Exclusive Italy wedding plannerworks.

Everyone has their own method based on the services they offer.

I can tell you about how I do it in my agency.

We have different services to offer based on individual needs, click here’, to find out our entire menu of service offerings.

The one we are focusing on today is the full service .

When I dedicate myself to a wedding project, I structure an organic and functional event building process.

My job is to make dreams come true, but dreams need concreteness to become real. 

We always start with the bride and groom and their wishes, together we make the project, analyze the needs and requirements.

Only in this way can I guarantee a truly exclusive result that is taken care of at every stage.

What you have to do if you choose a wedding planner in Italy?

You must be an active part of the whole project! 

You will give the guidelines, we will implement everything.

The truth is that it is not true that the bride does not have to do anything if she has a wedding planner; your input will be our guideline.

It is true, however, that most of the “boring stuff” is done by us, the stress (however little) we will gladly take, and you are left with a beautiful journey to do and remember!!!

Exclusive Italy wedding planner & Exclusive Italy wedding venues

Choosing a wedding venue is as important as it gets.

Again, a wedding planner can help you make the best choice for you.

A selection of wedding venues to propose to you without driving you crazy doing fruitless research on the web.

Hearing your wishes and exceeding expectations, that is the goal to be hit.

Finding the perfect venue is the first step toward a truly exclusive wedding. 

To do this, I thought I’d run straight to your aid.

I’m leaving you with the catalog I’ve created through many years of experience and a great selection of wedding venues.

I’m pretty sure that by browsing through it you will find the perfect one for you!

Once you find it you can immediately start planning your exclusive wedding in Italy.

I hope I have been helpful!!! 

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