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Get married in Italy: choose the perfect colour palette for Autumn

Get married in Italy in autumn and choosing the perfect colour palette, let’s talk about of true inspiration. 

If your desire is to get married in Italy, and you have chosen autumn for one of the regions we suggested in our article Wedding in Italy in Autumn , then this blog article is for you! 

We talked about perfect view  for your destination wedding in Italy, which is an absolutely important step, after you decided the background of the wedding and the location, which as we said in our article; it is natural to choose the color details to enhance all this wonder.

Get married in Italy with the perfect colours

We talk about an autumn wedding, the mood is soft; in autumn everything slows down and you enjoy the time.

Nature dictates the rules of the game, you just have to indulge and tune everything with your aesthetic tastes.

Don’t think that for an autumn wedding, the choice is limited to brown and ochre, you can dream of incredible colours that will sit perfectly with the view, the location and you…

Here are some of our proposals…

Perfect colours for a perfect wedding in Italy


Delicate and very elegant pastel colours, this combination is not only suitable for spring weddings, but is also perfect for autumn.

We would see them well matched in a delicate context, a well-kept and refined country house or a castle with large tuff walls. 


From brown to nude, a combination of colours made for brides who want to evoke the colours of the earth and remain natural. A country wedding would be a perfect setting for these shades.


For those who love contrasts, this is a well-made choice.

Choose blue and orange details but with a muted tone that is not strong.

We imagine these colours in a beautiful wedding with a sea view, maybe on an island.


A strong but beautiful combination, very feminine. We see it well for a wedding in the woods where purple contrasts with the soft colours of nature and enhances its beauty. 

Get married in Italy  with the right palette.

As you can see, there are so many choices, because in addition to those you have just read, we could propose many more (but this is a blog, we had to make a choice even though we would have liked to tell you about all the shades we love).

Autumn is a romantic, fulfilling and very beautiful season for a destination wedding in Italy. The choice of colours is absolutely subjective, we wanted to show you a few options, but we are sure you will be able to paint your wedding with the colours you love and it will be like a perfectly successful painting. 

We believe that inspiration is a good starting point, the rest you build with your own unique way of being. 

We can help you with your inspiration, download the catalogue we have designed for you.

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