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How you need know for your wedding in Italy

The most important things to know to organise a perfect wedding in Italy without (big) mistakes.

In this article I thought I would give you some tips for organising your wedding in Italy.

I think there are some things every bride should know when she starts planning her wedding in Italy.

 Wedding in Italy: I’ll help you organise it

I am a destination wedding planner and I dedicate my energy and skills to planning weddings for foreigners in Italy.

My experience of many years in the sector, I like to make it available to all brides who want a wedding in Italy.

That is why today I am telling you about the main things you need to know to organise your wedding in Italy.

Choose your wedding venue strategically.

The choice of the wedding venue determines the entire wedding organisation and dictates the style.

I have talked (and will always talk) about how important the choice of wedding venue is because I truly believe it is among the choices in which the bride and groom should invest their concentration and energy.

If you want to know how to choose the right wedding venue for you in Italy read HERE

When you find a wedding venue you like, write a very detailed email and ask for information.

  • Check how travel is with major airports.
  • Ask if the venue can accommodate guests or if there are nearby accommodations.
  • Have the reception menus sent to you and choose dishes with seasonal ingredients.
  • Have them specify what is included and provided by them and what is to be taken from external suppliers.

Organize travel and accommodation for guests

Providing for the well-being of your guests is your duty (I often say this too).

Depending on how the wedding venue is organised, you plan the travel arrangements for your guests and suggest places for them to stay.

Usually the bride and groom provide the transport to take the guests to the wedding venue and bring them back.

If you find a wedding venue in Italy where guests can stay, you will not have to worry about travel.

Check the rain plan for the wedding venue in Italy

It can rain in Italy!!!

Although our climate is mild and ideal for weddings in all seasons of the year, the likelihood of rain is there just like everywhere else in the world.

Think about how to organise everything in case your wedding is a bit wet.

If you want specific tips on this topic, I recommend reading HERE.

Rain is not unlucky if you have organized well!!!

Choose suppliers at the venue where you are getting married

The topic of suppliers is my favourite one, and now I will explain why.

Sometimes it happens that the bride and groom get a bit carried away and start looking for suppliers without taking some basic details into account.

I advise you to choose, as far as possible, suppliers who are from the venue where you are getting married.

The advantages are many!

  • They know the area well and move around skilfully in case of problems and unforeseen events.
  • They can help you and suggest advantageous solutions.
  • Costs are reduced because they will not have to move people and materials so many kilometres.

Italy is full of craftsmen and professionals in every corner of the country, you just have to find the right one for you in the area where you are getting married.

Check the temperatures and the weather but don’t let them influence you

As we said a few lines above, Italy is a ‘lucky’ country in terms of climate.

Being a peninsula we are surrounded by the sea which helps our climate to remain temperate in all seasons.

Choose the time of the wedding according to your desires. Whether summer or winter, we can truly organize unforgettable weddings in our country in any season.

Evaluate the pros and cons of each season and then choose the one you love without too much doubt.

If what you dream of is a wedding with winter colours, with the lights of 1000 candles and the warmth of a hall with a lit fireplace…you will have it without a problem.

If, on the other hand, you want a wedding with swimming in the sea, Italy will be happy to host your summer wedding for a wonderful sea-view wedding!

Wedding in Italy make a conscious choice.

If you’re searching the web for information on how best to organize your wedding in Italy, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of ideas and just as many reasons to choose the “bel paese”.

Choose with your heart, but organise rationally, this is the most important tip I can give you.

Find the place that makes you dream and once you have found it analytically analyse all the options.

If you need support in doing this, contact me. I will be happy to solve your doubts and answer your questions (experience in the wedding industry must be useful).

For inspiration for your wedding in Italy, I help you here.

Depending on your idea of organisation, we could come up with different formulas with which I can help you.

In the meantime, I’ll give you some help right away!

The button you see below is a super help for your planning or at least to start getting an idea of your options.

Download the catalogue with the wedding venues I have selected over the years that I consider suitable for destination weddings.

It is my ‘gift’ for your wedding to be exactly as perfect as you wish!

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